traktor 2.8.0 Rane MP2015 Pioneer

With the new Kontrol D2 hitting shops in the UK and stores elsewhere around the world, with it comes a new version of Traktor. But Traktor Pro 2.8 comes with more than just D2 compatibility, and brings with it two very important additions — Rane MP2015 mixer certification and Pioneer CDJ-900nxs and XDJ-1000 support.

Here’s the full very long list as seen on the NI forum:

TRAKTOR PRO 2.8.0 contains some substantial changes to the core of the software, along with numerous other feature enhancements, improvement, and bug fixes. The list below provides a comprehensive overview of all changes since the last public release (TRAKTOR PRO 2.7.3) including the improvements in the two Public Beta releases (TRAKTOR PRO 2.7.4 and 2.7.5):

1.1. 64-Bit Application Architecture

TRAKTOR PRO now has 64-bit architecture. By making TRAKTOR PRO a 64-bit application, it allows TRAKTOR PRO to access all the available RAM on computers with 64-bit operating systems; previously, TRAKTOR PRO could only access a maximum of 2GB of RAM regardless of how much RAM was actually installed and available on the computer. By giving TRAKTOR PRO access to more RAM, it will increase performance of the software by allowing management of more items (larger Track Collections, more Remix Deck samples, better playback caching, etc.).

Are you still using a 32-bit version of Windows? With this release, the 32-bit version of TRAKTOR PRO can now also access an additional 1GB of RAM (if the computer has it available) providing additional performance and stability.

ATTENTION 64-BIT WINDOWS USERS: If you are using an audio interface which only has 32-bit drivers, be sure you are also using the 32-bit version of TRAKTOR PRO in order to access the low-latency ASIO drivers for the audio interface, otherwise your audio interface won’t be selectable in the TRAKTOR PRO Preferences. If you have a 64-bit operating system, the Installer will have installed the 64-bit version of the application by default and you will need to take a few extra steps to run the 32-bit version detailed in the readme.

1.2. Multi-Processor Improvement

A significant update has just been made to TRAKTOR PRO where multi-processor support is concerned: TRAKTOR PRO’s old audio threading model has been completely updated and optimised. For users of multi-processor computers who were experiencing degraded audio performance since the release of TRAKTOR PRO 2.7.0, the new threading model should fix these issues automatically.

1.3. Automatic Deck Flavor Switching

TRAKTOR PRO now features full Automatic Deck Flavor Switching for all users; previously, this was only working when loading items via the KONTROL S8 Browser. Now, loading or dragging a Track or Remix Set onto a Deck will cause the Deck to automatically switch to the appropriate flavor to play the content.

1.4. Parallel Audio Analysis

Also new in this version is a special analysis mode called “Parallel Processing”. This option can be found at the bottom of the Analysis window which appears when you right-click on tracks and choose “Analyze (Async)” from the context menu. If you enable the Parallel Processing checkbox before clicking “OK”, TRAKTOR PRO will then use multiple threads to process many tracks simultaneously. Our tests show that processing a large collection of files can now be done three times faster with this option enabled. Be aware, however, that TRAKTOR PRO will use lots of your computer’s resources to do this and it may affect playback of tracks. We therefore only recommend using this feature in an offline situation rather than during a live performance.

1.5. Support for the New TRAKTOR KONTROL D2

TRAKTOR PRO 2.8.0 supports the new KONTROL D2 hardware controller. The D2 will be officially released on May 4th, 2015.

1.6. Spin, Scratch & Hold a Playing Deck with KONTROL S8 or D2 Touchstrip

New is a preference for the KONTROL S8 and KONTROL D2 which changes the SHIFT-behavior of the Touchstrip while a Deck is playing. Previously, holding SHIFT and touching the Touchstrip would perform an Absolute Seek (the Deck’s position would jump to the location corresponding to the touch on the Touchstrip). With this new preference enabled, this behavior is changed so holding SHIFT will allow you to perform spins, scratches, and holds with the Touchstrip while the Deck is playing.

NOTE: Backspins are enhanced by the fact that TRAKTOR PRO will stop the spin as soon as you release the SHIFT button. You can therefore perform a backspin effect for 2 beats by turning on FLUX mode, holding SHIFT, and swiping backwards on the Touchstrip. Two beats later, release the SHIFT button and the spin will stop and normal playback will resume right on the beat you desire.

1.7. KONTROL S8 and D2 Beat Grid Edit Mode Zoom

When enabling Beat Grid Edit Mode on the KONTROL S8 or KONTROL D2, the left-most Performance Button will now be active. Pressing this button will zoom in on Beat 1 allowing you to set the position of the Beat Grid with greater precision. Press the button again to exit the zoom.

1.8. KONTROL S8 and D2 Position-Aware Beat Grid Tempo Adjustment

When in Beat Grid Edit Mode on the KONTROL S8 or KONTROL D2, the two center Performance Knobs are used for adjusting the Tempo of the Beat Grid—the left knob is a coarse adjustment while the right knob is a fine adjustment. The new improvement is that these knobs are scaled based on the viewing position of Beat Grid Edit Mode so that adjustments made far away from the Grid Marker don’t result in abrupt changes to the waveform position. For example, if you are near the Grid Marker at the start of a song and change the Tempo of the Beat Grid, you will see the waveform move under the Beat Grid by a particular amount. If you then scan later into the track, adjusting the Tempo will create a similar amount of motion on the waveform (rather than a large amount of motion) thus allowing for precise setting of the Beat Grid Tempo over the length of the song.

1.9. KONTROL S8 and D2 MIDI Controls

We’ve added a new feature to KONTROL S8 (which is also available on KONTROL D2) that allows you to use the Performance Knobs, Performance Buttons, and the Performance Faders below the Displays as MIDI output controls. You can therefore use these controls to send MIDI messages to other software or external gear. This feature is not enabled by default and requires some configuration, detailed in release notes.

1.10. Pioneer CDJ-900NXS and XDJ-1000 Integration

Full native support for these two Pioneer players, including all available new functions provided on the XDJ’s touch screen interface, is now integrated into TRAKTOR PRO.

1.11. Rane MP2015 Scratch Certification

The Rane MP2015 rotary mixer is now Scratch Certified and can be used as an audio interface for TRAKTOR PRO in conjunction with Timecode vinyl and/or CDs.

1.12. Additional Bugfixes

  • Beta #2 (2.7.5) had a problem with FX routing modes—this issue has now been fixed.
  • Beta #2 also had a problem with playback of long M4A (AAC) files in the 32-bit version of the application. This has been fixed.
  • Beta #2 sometimes exhibited crackling when loading new tracks into Decks. This version resolves this issue.
  • Beta #2 could have high CPU spikes when used on some low-performance systems. We have made a change which prevents this.
  • We fixed a problem where TRAKTOR PRO would unnecessarily update the tags of tracks which are in the Preparation List at startup.
  • An issue was reported where TRAKTOR PRO could hang when accessing the Explorer node of the Browser Tree. This issue has been fixed.
  • At the same time, we also fixed an issue that could cause TRAKTOR PRO to crash when opening an Archive folder containing over 2500 .nml files.
  • We fixed an issue where TRAKTOR PRO would unnecessarily update all file tags when clicking on a Playlist .nml in the Explorer node of the Browser Tree.
  • We also fixed an issue where TRAKTOR PRO would unnecessarily update file tags when deleting items from a Playlist.
  • We fixed the CPU Load spike that can sometimes occur when engaging Keylock or Filter for the first time.
  • There was a problem where you sometimes couldn’t re-order tracks in a Playlist without first clicking the “#” column twice and this has been fixed.
  • The Battery Indicator in TRAKTOR PRO’s header was broken on some 64-bit systems and wouldn’t show the battery level. This is now fixed.
  • An improvement has been made to MP4 (AAC) audio handling on Windows which should remove crackling during playback of these file types.
  • When adjusting the Master Clock Tempo via the S8 or D2, we have removed the “Hold BACK to Reset” text since this function wasn’t valid for the Master Clock.
  • This version contains a fix for some crashes on startup which were part of the first Beta (2.7.4)
  • There were also reports of crashes or hangs on shutdown on some Windows systems and we have made a fix for it.
  • A bug was reported in 2.7.3 where a Deck would stop when loading a track into the playing Deck regardless of preference settings. This issue has now been fixed—loading a track into a playing track will leave the Deck playing so you immediately hear the newly-loaded track.
  • We also fixed an issue where jumping out of an Active Loop via a HotCue would disable the Loop—the Loop will now remain active when doing this just like in TRAKTOR PRO 2.6.8.
  • Fixed a problem where memory corruption could occur when browsing and sorting the Explorer node under very specific conditions with the S8 or D2.
  • Lastly, we fixed two issues which occurred when making changes to tracks (such as changing the track Rating) in the Explorer node while that same track was already playing in a Deck; doing so could result in the analyzed tempo being lost (causing the track to fall out of sync) or removal of the “played” checkmarks from the track. These issues should no longer occur.

1.13. Controller Editor

Controller Editor has been upgraded to version to support KONTROL D2 in addition to other improvements and bugfixes.

2. Known Issues in TRAKTOR PRO 2.8.0

2.1. No ALAC Support on Windows

This issue still exists since Microsoft doesn’t offer any native ALAC support and since Apple’s QuickTime library has been deprecated. While this beta version does not solve the problem for Windows users, we are still investigating ways of adding this support to TRAKTOR itself since we can no longer rely on the original libraries we used for providing this functionality.

2.2. Fullscreen Issues on Windows

Some Windows users with high-resolution monitors are experiencing trouble when setting TRAKTOR to Full Screen Mode. This problem appears to only occur when the “Change the size of all items” Display Preference is set to a value larger than 125%. Therefore, if you are experiencing the problem, setting the preference to 125% or smaller should temporarily fix the issue while we continue to investigate a permanent fix.

2.3. Crackling During Playback of WMA Files on Windows

We have now diagnosed the issue that is causing the WMA playback problem on Windows, but we still need to implement a workaround for the problem which will take more time. Therefore, WMA playback issues still exist in this release version.

2.4. High CPU Load when Loading Tracks on OS X 10.8

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is no longer supported in TRAKTOR PRO 2.8.0. Users of OS X 10.8 may find high CPU load when loading Tracks into the Decks. If you experience this, please upgrade your OS to at least OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

Why v2.8 is important

That’s quite some list, but it’s the Rane certification and Pioneer support that signifies real change for Native Instruments. Having more or less cut itself off from the DJ world and adopting their own hardware and software ecosystem, it would appear that the drawbridge has been lowered, and former friends welcomed back, as well as embracing new friends who used to be exclusive with their long standing competitors.

Where this goes will be interesting. Making Traktor Pro work with CDJs and XDJs is a no-brainer strategically, but my guess is that making Traktor Scratch Pro work interface-free with the world’s club standard install mixers is likely to be much easier than making their own four channel model. There’s no point entering a crowded market with established standards and hoping to make a difference.

It also signifies a potential for a great many more USB audio interface enabled mixers to get the certification treatment. Imagine all those Rane and Allen & Heath mixers suddenly working with Traktor without lugging an actual audio interface.

Time will tell whether NI will begin to work with other controller makers, as that’s an entirely different kettle of fish. Because Serato and NI’s vision of DJing are quite different, making Traktor adequately fit into a Serato workflow and vice versa, not to mention the old issue of getting jog wheels to work properly.