Native Instruments UK #futureofdjingYesterday, I broke free from the ample confines of the Worxlab, and took a trip to London to visit the rather swanky new offices of Native Instruments UK in allegedly trendy Shoreditch (looks like everywhere else in London if you ask me). There I saw… well I can’t and won’t talk about what I saw, but their new hashtag of #futureofdjing was quite prevalent, and is very much a key part of their marketing push. So for a change, I’m opening up the floor to the DJWORX community — what do you feel is THE FUTURE OF DJING?

I’m sure you have many theories (possibly conspiratorial) about where DJing is going. So tell us. I’m not going to lead you at all, but simply open up the floor for you all to speculate, theorise, dream, and otherwise ponder where things are going. Don’t just limit this to NI’s potential roadmap, but include all the players in the DJ market. Paint some broad strokes, or get minutely detailed. What do you wish for in your wildest dreams? What do you hope for? Or being grounded, what are your realistic expectations of what will actually happen?

The floor is open, and unrestricted. Yes… you sir at the back… what is the #futureofdjing?