Broken DJ Gear

What would you do if your favourite DJ brand or old gear died?

We have some very interesting “what if” conversations in the team. And in an increasingly volatile market where we’re finding it hard to predict anything anymore, nothing is off the table when it comes to what ifs, especially given some of the not for public consumption things we’re aware of in the last few years. So let’s lay some groundwork to today’s question.

Looking back over the last few years, some of the industry’s favourite brands have gone, others have contracted or hibernated, and others are under new ownership. The remaining few are best buddies, arch enemies, or some mixture of both. Essentially it’s incredibly hard to call the future of any brand in the DJ business these days with any degree of certainty. One thing is for sure — the “(insert brand here) FOR LIFE” has never been more uncertain than it is today.


We all have our favourites for all kinds of reasons. I like the brands and products that dare to be different, as well as those that put quality above all else. And while I definitely have pet brands, I find that I’m more focussed on individual products, and those products tend to be more left field than most. This penchant for expensive weird stuff means that many of my favourites are no longer made or sold.

So I’m in the situation where should my favourite mixer (Rodec Scratchbox) and turntable (Numark TTX) need replacing, I now have to look at alternatives. And while I’m sure I can get a solid replacement mixer, I fear I’ll have to resort to turntables that don’t offer what I want. Bugger. On a side note, isn’t it weird that turntables are getting more simple but at the same time more expensive?

But this is on a hardware level. Software wise, I prefer Serato DJ and djay Pro, but bearing in mind the job I have, and the fact that I don’t play out, I’m pretty fluid and could adapt to anything that came out. But for the rest of you who perhaps pay the mortgage with your sets, the idea of jumping ships isn’t something to be taken lightly. The very nature of software means a strong element tying you and your library (Rekord Buddy aside) to a particular app, and equally their specific workflow too.


Imagine the situation where your DJ equipment gave up the ghost, or your favouite brand, for whatever reason, ceased to be. I’m sure some of you will guffaw at the very notion of your impossibly secure untouchable brand of choice here going to the wall, but anything is possible in our current climate.

Do you have contingency plan? Is there a plan B in place should the unthinkable happen? Will you keep using that software until your dying day? Or will you happily move to the next thing because your skills are entirely transferable? Or would you consider giving up DJing completely because your life is a barren void of nothingness and despair without your favourite DJ brand?

Just so you know this isn’t a harbinger of doom post. I asked Dan the same question, and it made him go silent for quite some time at the thought. So I figured it would be a good one to open up to you lot.

Image courtesy of CenterfortheArtsEagleRock.

What would you do if your favourite DJ brand or old gear died?

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