The BPM Show might have changed hands, but certain features have been carried over to the new show. One such feature the PLAY@BPM stage, a place where DJs can get up and play a set to the masses milling their way around the show. And this year, it’s sponsored by stand makers Humpter UK, who are making their presence known on these shores.

There words, and they follow:

PLAY@BPM sponsored by humpter® DJ consoles

Want the chance to perform in front of DJs, industry professionals and music lovers at BPM 2018?

The popular PLAY@ BPM stage sponsored by humpter® DJ Consoles – is an area dedicated to supporting talented new DJs, giving them a platform from which to demonstrate their skills and perform to a crowd. Located within the BPM 2018 Main Hall, the PLAY@ BPM by humpter® stage will showcase up-coming DJs playing music from all genres, in a series of 60-minute sets that will continue for the duration of the show.

This isn’t a competition – The PLAY@ BPM by humpter® stage is where emerging talent gets an unrivalled chance to show their skills to the world.

Apply for a set

To apply to perform on the PLAY@ BPM by Humpter® stage, DJs should send an email to containing their name, contact details, a brief bio (covering their DJ career/aspirations so far), and a link to their five-minute video mix application.

Applicants should also include a good-quality image of themselves – for use on the BPM website should their application be successful.

The deadline for applications is Friday 5th October 2018. Regretfully, due to this feature’s popularity and the limited number of slots, not every DJ who applies can be selected to play.

Please also note that, as this is a showcase, DJs selected to perform will still need a BPM ticket in order to visit the exhibition, education sessions, and other performance areas of the event.

Send your application to

For more details please visit


Even for seasoned pros, climbing up on stage and playing to a crowd can still be daunting. The PLAY@BPM stage however could break you in gently to the big wide world of playing out, as well as getting yourself seen across social media and by the visitors to the BPM Show. Who knows, you might even get people dancing rather than standing with their arms crossed simply judging you. I imagine a crowd full of DJs being the worst possible crowd to play to.

Sounds dangerously like the exposure card that we actively rail against around these parts. But this isn’t one of those times where the venue is raking in the cash while you get nothing — Humpter UK is paying for the stage and the stand out of a marketing budget rather than charging on the door and overcharging for bottled water like a venues and promoters do.

I don’t know about equipment. That’s something you’ll have to sort out with Humpter UK. But if you follow the instructions above, I’m sure it’ll all become clear. You have until October 5th to get your application in. Good luck!


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