WIN: ZOMO MC-1000 Controller! 3

WIN: ZOMO MC-1000 Controller!

WIN: ZOMO MC-1000 Controller! 4

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than making others happy, be it creating cool content, or in this case giving cool stuff away. It’s fair to say that we do get a fair amount of things in and out of the worxlab, but sometimes they just come in and sit in a box gathering dust. The lab is small and we don’t have acres of space, so the best thing seems to be to give it all away.

In the first of many review/giveaway type things, our great mates at Zomo have been kind enough to let us make someone happy with the recently reviewed Zomo MC-1000 controller. On its own, it’s a pretty cool 4 channel accessory controller to work alongside a host of equipment. But when twinned with a 4 channel mixer (especially a non-MIDI one), it really comes into its own. Check out our review right here.

So what do you have to do to win? Nothing except show your appreciation for our hard work via a few clicks. You should however absolutely go to the Zomo site and pour over what they have on offer. I’m not just saying that just because they’re giving stuff away – Sennheiser HD25 users will find some cool and cheap spares on this page.

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And if you want real brownie points, leave a shout out in the comments.

It’s open to anyone. You have one week to enter. Good luck one and all!