Where is The One?

Where is The One?

Where is The One?

At last year’s BPM, we were lucky enough to get the inside line on some software that has caused more than a few ripples in the industry. Coming out of the EKS house is AudioArtery who make The One – a revolutionary take on DJ software that aims to move from an all in one approach to being very modular, as well as bringing in timeline elements normally seeing in production software.

This is no easy task, especially when you don’t have the resources of considerably larger companies at your disposal. But undaunted, The One continues to head towards release. But the head developer has felt the need to respond to detractors who have moved from “Who Is The One?” to “Where Is The One?”. This just turned up on The One’s Facebook page:

Head developers note.

I know a lot of you are asking why releasing the software is taking so long. Well, here are some comments from my side:

Designing an audio software with multiple timelines and fully modular user interface is not exactly trivial. There are several challenges that amount to long development time. Such as:

  • • Keeping the audioengine running reliably without any latency while mixing multiple clips within the same timeline or/and between different (unlimited) decks.
  • • Dynamic audio engine routings that follow different layout setups.
  • • Modular user interface, that is still intuitive and usable.
  • • Midi mapping and midilearn with unlimited amount of software gear components while also enabling the use of multiple different controllers from different manufacturers at the same time.

The implementation needs to do all this while keeping the performance requirements as low as possible and leaving doors open for future development.

Most of these things are not there in traditional DJ software, but when you really let the user decide the workflow they become absolute necessities. Designing a functional, intuitive and adaptive user interface has been a gargantuan task.

And as far as we know, it’s the only one of its kind so we can’t really cheat by copying user interface logic from any existing software either.

Most of this work is done and we are very happy that we are now in final stage of phase 1 (Core edition). But there are many details that we need to tackle before we feel 100% confident that our product is at the level we expect a serious DJ/performance software to be at.

In the mean time we really appreciate all your feedback, ideas & comments, so please keep them coming.

After all, we’re not creating just another DJ software:)

So please, let’s give them a break. The One is coming, and with it comes a shift in software design and usability. But it takes time. So please be patient – The Wait for The One is almost over.

Where is The One?

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