When mixer meets media player - Kodh's SCRxTCH

When mixer meets media player – Kodh’s SCRxTCH

Years ago, I was inspired by Vestax’s QFO to come up with the concept of the Faderbox. With Elliot at Audio Innovate, the design was evolved into something pretty damned cool, but sadly a lack of funds meant that it went nowhere. But clearly, I’m not the only one with grand ideas of making a deck into an all in one.

KODH is a French DJ who wanted something rather more portable than 2 turntables and a mixer gaffer taped together and lugged around on a trolley. So he set about working on the idea of merging a mixer and a digital deck together to make a cool all-in-one performance piece – called SCRxTCH. But don’t ask me how to pronounce that in English or French for that matter.

This is quite an adventurous task that sees a Vestax PMC mixers and a Denon DN-S3700 torn apart and surgically attached to each other. Well it’s more of a near full implant as this is quite a bit more than just adding a fader to a CD deck.

This is what Kodh has to say:


The SCRxTCH  is a all-in-one portable prototype  mixer – audio player – multi effects  – controller

The SCRxTCH is a never seen before portable instrument that offers a user to perform manipulations of sound, such as “Scratch”, “filtering”, “glitching”or “Dj-tricks” and allows a greater range of movement compared to conventional turntables and mixer.

The device fits perfectly into the modern world of audio and digital.It works stand alone or you can plug it to your mac/pc and control your DAW (MIDI)

I used different elements from the pmc 05 and 06 pro Vestax, Denon dns 3700.

I used a couple of hand-made circuits- i reprogrammed some part of the Os.

The most important thing was the weight. i had to removed a lot of the parts in the audio player and the mixers.

The device weighs 4,6 kg like a bass which is pretty cool as you carry it.

The reasons:

Having something new for the stage and something creative original fresh..

I wanted to open the possibilities of expressions a dj can have; like the guitar heroes, who are link to their instruments.

Dj’s can make new performances with the device –

I was also thinking about the audience – they are often frustrated not seeing what we are doing – with this device they can understand better.

It was also a personal step to move the boundaries of the turntablism.

You don’t see a lot of Dj’s creating gears themselves.

I simply try to animate and stimulate avant-garde of electronic music in parallel of my band Voice Hands Machine.

The funny stories !

3 or 4 electrochocs that shown me some electric problems…ouch!

As the pmc 06 is a discontinued product, i had to find one in the used market but it was a trap to steal me money.

1cm from being cut when i was drilling some of the device parts.

I’m sure I don’t need to say this, but this is strictly a one-off prototype. But it does make me wonder if such a device could go mainstream. Again, it keeps bringing me back to how a small but very portable scratch device could do really well out there. Numark’s iDJ Live driven by an iPhone shows that it can be done.

Hats off to Kodh – he dreamed about it and did it. I applaud people like him.

Some clips:


When mixer meets media player - Kodh's SCRxTCH

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