What is the easiest type of DJing?

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What is the easiest type of DJing? – We see this question asked a lot.

It’s very much like saying who is the best DJ.

Clearly the list below is subjective. Obviously and not even comparing like for like. Although there is a kernel of truth in it!

It depends on how long you’ve been DJing and a million other factors. Which is why you shouldn’t take this list too seriously.

We aren’t saying any of these types of DJing are easy to do (at least not well), but that some are easier than others

Share your list and thoughts in the comments below.

What is the easiest type of DJing?

In reverse order, from hardest to “easiest”…

  1. Disco (Those 70s DJs were dons)
  2. High street nightclub
  3. 50th birthday party (it’s the requests…)
  4. Belt drives
  5. Wedding DJ (pressure….)
  6. Drunk
  7. Gabba
  8. 1993 hardcore
  9. Vinyl on Technics 1210s, on a boat
  10. With no headphones
  11. Psy trance
  12. Non gridded tunes
  13. Early house
  14. Using someone else’s records that you’ve never used before
  15. Progressive house
  16. With a bongo player “accompanying” you
  17. Vinyl on non-Technics decks
  18. Without a monitor
  19. Virtual DJ
  20. Jungle
  21. B2B with someone you’ve never met
  22. Early techno
  23. Sweet 16
  24. 21st birthday
  25. On the radio, while also presenting and talking
  26. Warm up
  27. After the main act
  28. Vinyl on Technic 1210s
  29. CDJs
  30. Serato
  31. Traktor
  32. Properly gridded tunes
  33. Modern techno
  34. Rekordbox
  35. Headliner
  36. Modern drum and bass
  37. Using a controller
  38. Modern house music
What is the easiest type of DJing

Reddit thinks Techno btw.