What I got for Father's Day

What I got for Father’s Day

What I got for Father's Day

I am a proud Father, with a smart daughter doing a degree in art, who is also working for me over the summer break. I also have a beautiful studio with ample wall space just crying out for pictures. Put all of these things together with the once a year love-in that is Father’s Day, and what you get is THE perfect present.

Before you ask, they’re not some secret DJWORX edition headphones. This is simply from her imagination. I did ask Drew if Beats would do a very limited DJWORX special edition, but it falls well outside of my budget. So for now, I’ll have to stare at this picture and hope that one day, I can make it happen. Or print out some stickers.

It’s still Father’s Day in some parts of the planet so I’m not too late to wish some of you Happy Father’s Day. I had a great one.

What I got for Father's Day

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