In our quest to give you the best damned DJ gear focussed resource around (hint— we already do), we’re always examining ways to make your experience better. And to do this, we need a solid foundation for the site and our content. But after my endless tinkering and fine tuning under the hood, I’ve hit a technology brick wall, one that requires moving to a new and more advanced web host.

So over the next few days, we’ll be packing our digital bags and moving to web pastures new. Thus your experience might be a little lumpy this week. It’s a slow news cycle anyway, so it’s the best time to do it. So nobody worry — they keep knocking on our front and back doors, but we’ve not been hacked again.

Apologies in advance for any disruption to your enjoyment. But at the end of it, we’ll have an even faster site and all technology barriers removed. Well… we better bloody well had.

Image copyright: akz / 123RF Stock Photo