You are here – day 1 of what already is the most respected, but soon to become the very best DJ technology resource. Welcome to DJWORX.

6 whole years in the making (that’s how long I’ve owned the domain), and built upon the solid foundation of skratchworx, DJWORX has been created to cast aside any misgivings or misconceptions you had about the old site. Familiarity breeds contempt, and if you’re anything like me, you probably got tired of the way skratchworx had turned out. Too slow, too old, too many ads and too much wasted resource.

That all just changed.

I’ve wanted to to this for so long, but real life took priority for a couple of years. But I’m back and chomping at the bit to get started. And we just have.

I’ve looked long and hard at everything we do, and if found wanting, it’s either been made better or ditched. William Morris said this:

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

Fair enough. I’ve stripped everything back to the bare bones and ditched the rest. What we’re left with is a lean, clean and mean site completely focussed on giving you the content you want, and actively begging you to get involved. Content is king and we want you to talk about it – a lot.

Commenting is much easier, and a forum is a seamless addition too – with a single login from all the popular social media sources. Importantly, there is no more security code, so no reason not to get involved.

Not only that, DJWORX is with you wherever you are via the fully featured mobile version. The standard theme works really well on mobile devices, but the iPhone and iPad versions are even better.

One of the biggest problems has been fixed too – less ads. Don’t worry – the ads that will appear are way less intrusive and far more effective. So everyone is happy.

Importantly, we have a proper team. You will get to know them and love them through their various specialised scribblings. For you this means more content on a very regular basis, and it’s all still free.

It’s important to underline that while I feel this is a really cool upgrade, it is just the start. I don’t pretend to know everything about how people will use the site, and hope that you’ll constructively feed back about your own experiences. We do however have a lot planned, and this will be implemented in due course. I’d love to share, but why would I want to give all our plans away?

All reviews are being moved over steadily (even the really old ones), as have a few interesting stories. But this launch is specifically time to coincide with Musikmesse 2012 i.e fresh news. The existing skratchworx content will stick around as an archive, but the site itself will be redeveloped and given back to the scratch scene to cover everything, and not just gear.


I cannot underline how serious we are about DJWORX. I have personally spent too much time over what is almost a decade to waste any more effort on doing things ineffectively. NAMM 2012 saw a new energy injected into everything I do. The sheer volume of love and respect for what we do is too huge to ignore. We are DJWORX, and we are NOT messing around.

So please join up, get involved and spread the word via the relevant social media methods. And any problems, feed them back.

Hope you enjoy the new site.


Mark Settle

p.s. I’ve left 3 made up test ads in the space below. They are not real – do not call your retailer and do not expect to see them at Musikmesse. For humorous effect only. 🙂


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