Weekend Poll: Silver or Black Technics?

technics SL 1200 1210 turntable

The internet is built on a foundation of cats, memes and a wide selection of this vs that flame wars. I have little time for the first 2, but I do love a good old mass debate, as I’m sure many of you sat behind your keyboards gazing into certain corners of the internet do too. So I’ve decided to fill the void that is Saturday and Sunday with a little bit of throwaway social intercourse, by means of a poll.

I’ll be covering all manner of DJ gear subjects — some topical, and some that just come to me in the shower. This one has loitered in my subconscious for a while now, and has been brought to the fore as I’m wanting to do more with my photography. I have a plan to buy a single Technics turntable in mint condition and apply my established camera skills to the subject of shooting this icon in a multitude of ways. Obviously, I haven’t got the cash to splash on every variant of Technics, so I need to pick just one.

But the question is this — do I go for the 1200, which is a wee bit boring but possibly easier to shoot on different backgrounds, or do I go Black and aim for übercoolness? Imagine if this were a coffee table book or calendar — which would look best?

So I’m leaving it up to you. If you were to buy a pair of factory fresh Technics turntables, would you go 1200 or 1210?

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