Pioneer DDJ-WEGO and DDJ-AERO walkthrough

Watch and learn – Pioneer’s new stuff explained

It’s all well and good reading press releases and looking at glossy renders to make assumptions about what a new product does. But it’s only when you can see for yourself what something is actually capable of. And Pioneer is no slouch at putting out cool videos to fill in the gaps for the viewer.

The one above is for the new DDJ-WeGO, and should answer the handful of questions that you more seasoned DJs could possibly have. It’s not exactly the hardest controller in the world to fathom out.

The DDJ-AERO does however offer up a few more questions, and Pioneer have made no less than 16 videos to explain n every nook and cranny of their new wifi wonder unit. Both will take pride of place at The BPM show with large numbers of units likely to be decorating the stand and getting pawed by DJs of all shapes and sizes. Monday is traditionally littered with school trips, so if were Pioneer, I’d be gluing each and every one of them down.

Watch and learn - Pioneer's new stuff explained

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