Virtual DJ — now Steam powered

virtual DJ on steam for windows

When I think of Steam, I think of games. And while there are a growing number for Mac, it is predominantly a Windows based platform. But it seems that my preconceptions of it being a game repository are quite wrong, as much to my surprise, Virtual DJ has landed in the Steam store.

Here’s the word ya heard:

Now Available – Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is now available on Steam and to celebrate is 10% off*!VirtualDJ is the most complete and extensive DJ software on the market today. It provides an exhaustive set of features for you to take advantage of and create great mixes. Whether you are a beginner or a professional DJ, you will find working inside VirtualDJ to be fun, intuitive and highly efficient.

*Offer ends March 14th at 10am pacific.

Virtual DJ — now Steam powered

It’s a canny move to get Virtual DJ on Steam given the captive gaming audience constantly browsing the site, it’s likely to raise even more awareness, and given the 10% discount, more sales too.

It’s also worth underlining that Virtual DJ can only be had via digital download. You can get it on CD bundled with assorted controllers, but you won’t find in it any retailers. None of you need me to tell you how to grab a copy of Virtual DJ — I simply posted this because I found the steam link interesting.