Virtual DJ 8 DVS scratch BPM 2014 (2)

I’ll be honest — as a mac user, my past experiences with Virtual DJ pre-version 7 have been less than amazing, especially with time code and scratching. It was always a matter of setting it all up, having a play, and being left disappointed. But today, that all changed. Stopping by the Virtual DJ stand late in the day yielded some excellent news — after a hardcore coding session lasting weeks, the VDJ DVS engine has been overhauled, and it’s very good indeed.

Virtual DJ 8 DVS scratch BPM 2014 (4)

The Atomix team was certainly very interested in our opinion. They appreciate that the process of turning a control signal into proper audio isn’t an easy thing to achieve, especially with the market already having very solid solutions, whose very success was founded in doing this from the start. But I was impressed by their bullishness and confidence as we stepped up to the decks.

Virtual DJ 8 DVS scratch BPM 2014 (5)

While trepidation levels were high, we were not disappointed. The Atomix team gathered round while we attacked the new version with a sustained series of hardcore scratches and ultra-slow drags. We applied the most extreme techniques designed to see if there was any latency, audio breakup, or drift. And after a handful of attempts, we’re happy to report that Virtual DJ 8 can now hold its head high and be taken seriously as a DVS package. And while we didn’t test it, this goes for audio and video alike.

Speaking of package — because VDJ is a download only software, you still have to pick up your own control vinyl. But luckily for you lot, it works with just about anything. Today we were using Serato vinyl which is recommended for VDJ, but will apparently work with anything. We’ll see what happens when I break out my ultra-rare OG Final Scratch prototypes.

So Virtual DJ 8 can finally be considered as a player in the scratch game, and a fully fledged DJ package for controllers and DVS. We’ll be looking at it in detail soon. Bear with us — there’s a lot to get though, but we will.




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