Viny Lourd Son Scratchocaster MK2

Here at DJWORX, we’re all about the scrappy underdog that looks at things differently to the rest of the DJ world. One such person is french DJ Viny Lourd Son, who decided that simply standing in front of his turntables and mixer wasn’t enough. No, for he wanted to walk around the stage, as if playing guitar… and thus the Scratchocaster was born.

But things have move on since the first incarnation of the turntable/mixer/guitar hybrid was shown on DJWORX. And in this video, you can see how things are progressing. The Scratchocaster MK2 is a much sleeker affair, having lost the mixer controls, incorporated more pads, and added something called a thumb fader. And it’s definitely still bang on the fretless fader trend too.

[youtube id=”qcKogieCh4w”]

To show of his new version, Viny Lourd Son has put out a new video. Paying homage to Rage Against The Machine, Viny is scratch-shredding their “Know Your Enemy” track. I hope that once the design is finished that Viny can get a little more animated like Angus Young or Pete Townshend with the Scratchocaster, obviously without the mindless destruction. A message to Viny — if you do go full Pete Townshend, might I suggest a cover of “Won’t Get Fooled Again”? 😉