shiftee kontrol s8

VIDEO: Shiftee on the Kontrol S8

Playing catchup a little after my jaunt to Musikmesse, it’s time to show off a few new video routines. I was lucky enough to witness Shiftee and Inferno aka E.A.S.Y at the NI Spring bash at Frankfurt. So this seems like a good time to post this new clip, where Shiftee showcases the Kontrol S8, and uses many of the key features as well as using turntables.

For those that want to know (and somebody usually does), here’s a tracklist

Alt-J – Left Hand Free (Lido Remix)
Low Pros – Who Wanna Play (Feat. Que)
DJ Shiftee – Uh Yo And Also Yo

Having witnessed E.A.S.Y in person (rocking the new Kontrol D2 as well), and the production of this video, it’s fair to say that NI hasn’t turned its back on turntablists at all. You just need to be patient.

VIDEO: Shiftee on the Kontrol S8

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