kypski Drank & Drugs Traktor Controller one Maschine

VIDEO: Kypski’s Drank & Drugs live remix

While watching this weekend’s Shiftee video, I stumbled across another from a name known to me from skratchworx days. Kypski has an illustrious history in the scratch scene, but as this video shows he’s merged other worlds into one incredibly simple yet engaging set.

Turntable meets groove box meets keyboard in this short set. Traktor is playing the main vocals with hot cues controlled but the Maschine, Kypski manually knocks out the beta on the Maschine, and accompanies the whole thing with the occasional synth riff. It’s a minimal sounding routine, but does show how technology can be used together to create something a little different.

We like this a lot. And hope that you do too.

VIDEO: Kypski's Drank & Drugs live remix

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