It’s been a while since I contributed anything to DJWORX, and I was wondering how to best kick off my first post in months – but as it turns out, I have a decent excuse. I’ve recently relocated to my home town of Warsaw, Poland – this is kind of a big deal, since I’ve spent 23 years living in Germany and I really liked it there. But I know you’re not here to listen to my life story, so let’s get to the reason: I have a new studio, and after a lot of blood and sweat, it’s finally ready to go.

Think of this new space as DJWORX Europe. A lot of good stuff will happen here, and I’ll show you around properly soon. For now, I can say that most of my future reviews will come with videos – and whenever a DJ friend is in the area, I’ll try and get them in front of my shiny new lenses as well. Speaking of which: while I was still working on getting my lighting situation sorted in here, DMC Online World Champion 2013 Jon1st visited Warsaw for some turntablism workshops at Spinlab and later threw down at a pretty awesome after party with fellow tablists Falcon1Kebs and Enes.

Taking advantage of the situation, I managed to borrow Jon for a while – and he gave my Sixty-Four quite the workout, making it look easy as he always does. Enjoy.


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