Vestax VCI-400 Serato DJ upgrade

Vestax VCI-400 gets the Serato DJ love — free to new buyers

Vestax VCI-400 Serato DJ upgrade

The Serato DJ upgrade news is last week’s chip wrapper in internet terms. But when Vestax do us the rare honour of sending through a press release about the VCI-400 getting the upgrade, I extend it the common courtesy of reading it. And it seems that it was well worth the read, because while existing VCI-400 owners still have to pay for the Serato DJ Intro to full DJ upgrade, new VCI-400 buyers will get it chucked into the deal for a limited time.

Here are the very rare official words from Vestax HQ:

Vestax VCI-400 gets the Serato DJ love — free to new buyers

Serato DJ for VCI-400

Tokyo, Japan – February 18th 2013 – Vestax Corporation is proud to announce Serato DJ now supports the Vestax VCI-400, a professional 4- channel DJ MIDI controller with versatile control functions and premium sound quality.

VCI-400 users can now take full control over the latest 1.1.2 update of Serato DJ that includes high quality FX powered by iZotope, four deck mixing, fader start, slip mode, SP-6 sample player and many other professional features. The ergonomic 4 channel layout of the VCI-400 offers an efficient workflow with Serato DJ, meeting the needs of professional DJs.

“We are happy about this announcement,” says Vestax CBO Jerome Henry. “We have worked together with Serato closely in the past delivering DJ hardware such like the VCI-300 and VCI-380, which set the standards for DJ controllers of today. This latest collaboration increases the potential of the VCI-400 and will offer more creative ideas for many DJs”

Serato DJ will be available as a free upgrade as a limited offer for VCI-400 purchases from March 1st, 2013 with an overlay designed for Serato DJ features included in the box. All existing VCI-400 users are eligible to receive free Serato DJ overlays via and can purchase and download Serato DJ 1.1.2 from

The VCI-400 has the auspicious honour of being the most agnostic controller on the market, with plug and play support for Serato’s menu of software, plus a wealth of mappings for just about every piece of software on the planet, including highly effective ones for Traktor, software that normally doesn’t offer the best of jog wheel support unless on a Traktor branded controller.

So now that the VCI-400 is fully Serato DJ friendly, are you more likely to buy one?

Vestax VCI-400 gets the Serato DJ love — free to new buyers

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