Vestax VCI-400 mixer firmware

We recently delivered you not one, but two full reviews of Vestax’s flagship 4 channel VCI-400 DJ controller. Prior to this, they had announced at Musikmesse… well I say announced, it was more of a Facebook image really… but they had let slip that a firmware upgrade would be available to turn the previously MIDI only controller into an open analogue mixer. Well that firmware has now arrived and is free to download.

Here’s the word from Vestax:

New stand alone mixer function for the VCI-400!

Tokyo, Japan – June 26th 2012 – Vestax Corporation is proud to announce the VCI-400, a professional 4-channel DJ MIDI controller with versatile control functions and premium sound quality, is now capable of operating as a stand- alone mixer by upgrading to the latest v2.0 firmware.

The v2.0 firmware enhances the already amazing features of the VCI-400, enabling users to pre mix external inputs such from CD players and DVS interfaces with Trim, 3 band EQ and also apply Hi pass and Lo pass filters with the aluminum filter knobs. The 3 band EQ of the mixer function shares the same bandwidth, crossover and Q factor with the legendary PMC-55 mixer. The Filters were designed to enable precise sweeps, and the low frequency response was designed to comply with sound systems in large venues.

The VCI-400 remains fully functional as a MIDI controller even when mixing external devices. This means userʼs can mix external inputs with a variety of DJ software controlled with the VCI-400. For example, with Traktor Pro, users can mix a total of 6 decks (2 Traktor Pro decks, 2 Traktor Pro sampler decks, and 2 CD players) while still being able to trigger loops, hot cues and control effects with the VCI-400.

This upgrade has become possible thanks to the advanced audio design, which gives the VCI-400 its flexibility to improve hardware performance and audio function with new firmware.

The v2.0 upgrade is completely free and available on for all VCI-400 users.

Visit the following link to download the firmware and watch the update tutorial.

And here’s that video:

Sadly, the review Vestax VCI-400 has gone back to Vestax, but we’ll do our best to track one and report back on how well the upgrade works. Watch this space.