Vestax VCI-380 fader surgery - look away now

Vestax VCI-380 fader surgery – look away now

The anticipation for Vestax’s upcoming VCI-380 is growing to fever pitch. It’s being dragged around the UK to selected retailers, and the worxlab too. But we’re not the only ones to see it. Wearer of many hats Robert Wong managed, through his official Vestax status in Germany, to get a VCI-380 and transplant the CF-X2 crossfader found in the Vestax PMC-05 Pro IV. And he captured it all for his website – it’s like DJWORX, but in German.

While much is being made of the effects and pads, DJs with scratchier leanings will be deliriously happy to see this clip. Not only are the jogwheels upgraded and have that flashy LED lightshow going on, but just look at that fader lag. It’s so small that a ruler was needed to show how stupidly small it is now. Hurrah!

So controllerists and turntablists can get a fair crack of the same VCI-380 whip. Hopefully it won’t be long before we get ours and can give it a split personality road testing.

Vestax VCI-380 fader surgery - look away now

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