Vestax PDX midi mod (2)

Vestax PDX 2000 MIDI mod — turntable becomes instrument

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For better or worse, Vestax have always walked their own path in the DJ world. And one such amble off the beaten track was to add MIDI into the PDX and Controller One turntables. While the C1 was an extremely limited run, MIDI became a standard feature in the PDX 3000 turntable series. But what about the old 2000 series? Well DJ Backtrack has devised a kit that will add MIDI to the old Vestax PDX 2000 too.

Vestax PDX midi mod (2)

But what does this mod do? Basically it adds a MIDI 5 pin DIN port to the back of the PDX that allows you to hook up a regular MIDI keyboard to control the speed of the platter. Pressing the key reproduces note perfect pitch changes, to create a musical performance from a regular PDX turntable. The ±50% ultra pitch of the PDX gives a 20 note range

Vestax’s Controller One took this to the next level by building such functionality into the turntable, but despite being hailed as the next logical revolution of the turntable, it never really took off. This was partly down to the price, but also because it didn’t function in a convention turntable way.

Vestax PDX midi mod (1)

This mod is not for the feint hearted though. This installation PDF outlines the soldering and drilling hackery that you’ll have to carry out to make this happen. And it goes without saying that this absolutely invalidates any warranties, and Backtrack is in no way responsible or liable should you mess up your PDX.

So to price. The mod is entirely hand made, and created more as a service than a commercial venture. It’ll set you back $89/€65/£55 plus shipping

No word on if this idea would work on other decks. I know that the Numark CDX and HDX had MIDI, so in theory the TTX might be able to be modded like this, and in theory, other decks like the Stantons and OEMs could be too. But what about Technics?

Vestax PDX 2000 MIDI mod — turntable becomes instrument

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