Update — Serato Remote 1.2

I know most of you would rather read about the next awesome lump of hardware to come out fuelled by Serato DJ. But instead, I’ve just got a measly update to some iPad app or something. But for iPad owners, Serato Remote really is worth a look. It’s just been bumped up to v1.2 and gets a few extra features to make it that little bit better.

No official release as such, so I grabbed this from the Serato site:

Now Available! Serato Remote 1.2 for iPad®, with added Play, Sync, Quantize and Cue Point name display functions available now from the App Store℠ for USD19.99.

Serato Remote is an iOS app designed to compliment your existing Serato DJ setup and will connect seamlessly to your Serato laptop software and work with all supported Serato DJ hardware giving you access to features within the software such as Cues, Loops, FX, Slicer, Sampler and many more without having to touch your laptop.

With Serato Remote 1.2 you can now Play and Sync tracks directly within the app giving even more control. Named Cues are also displayed and updated in real time from Serato DJ so you know exactly what you are triggering. You can now easily trigger your Cues in perfect time with the new Quantize button within Serato Remote.

Check out our What is Serato Remote video for more information about what Serato Remote can add to your current Serato set up.

Existing owners get the update for free, and is available today.