dj player 7

DJ Player hadn’t really rung my bell until version 6 came out at last year’s Musikmesse. It had undergone a significant facelift, as well as stepping up to the pro plate with a lot of features that other app makers could only dream about. But v7.1 is about to be unleashed upon the app using masses, and it has some very cool features that every iOS DJ should take a good long look at.

DJ Player 7.1 is just submitted to the App Store. Here is the “what’s new” list:

A new time-stretching engine, rewritten from scratch.
– Higher audio quality.
– No more pitch bend artifacts.

Pitch shifting for harmonic mixing.
– Change pitch from -12 to +12 notes.
– Replaces the keylock switch. Double-tap to toggle keylock.
– Controllable with MIDI pitch fader too, while holding SHIFT.

Super nice scratch sound
– And even lower latency, the best in mobile DJing.

We still care about old devices
– Performance is better on ALL iOS devices from the iPhone 3GS.
– Pitch shifting is available from the first iPad, with same audio quality.

– Stability is top priority.
– Yes, the Deezer bug is fixed too.

The story behind

DJ Player is the only DJ software with no third-party code inside, everything is cooked in-house. Everything. Not a single Apple Core Audio transformation is used.

The result is un-matched performance on mobile devices, and we’re proudly introducing proper, frequency domain pitch-shifting now.

Remember that big campaign last year for the 64-bit mobile CPU? That it allows another DJ app to perform this? Honestly, we were shouting a big “boooooo” while reading it.

We still care about old devices, and now you can have pitch-shifting from the first iPad. The scratch sound is improved as well, with even lower latency than before, for both MIDI jog wheels and DVS.

Now that we have pitch-shifting, the obvious next step is key analysis, yes.

We are working on a new (not DJ) startup too, which has a “side effect” on DJ Player: the feature set, performance and audio quality will have a great improvement this year. Stay tuned!

DJ Player — handmade with care

For those not clued up about how software is made, it’s important to highlight what sets DJ Player apart from everything else. Software is often assembled using APIs, libraries, and other 3rd party bits of software, all glued together to make a complete package. But Gabor Szanto has hand coded everything from the ground up, making this quite a labour of love. So you can understand why he gets quite bullish about DJ Player, especially when features other are bragging about now have been in DJ Player for a while, and also work on old iOS devices as well.

Hopefully Gabor’s new venture will distract him and give us some time to actually review the latest version before another version comes hot on its heels.