It has long been my contention that skills are considerably more important that gear. And this has never been truer when VIP turntablists apply their considerable skills to lumps of digital gear considered less suitable then their regular analogue weapons of choice. We first saw the legendary D-Styles get busy on the Spin controller running algoriddim’s djay for Mac. And now it’s the turn of his Invisibl Skratch Piklz crew member Shortkut to turn his attention to the same gear.

Whilst it’s unlikely that Shortkut will ever turn up for one of his huge gigs with the djay/Spin combo, there’s absolutely no reason why he couldn’t rock a party, or indeed his hotel room with this setup. I love nothing more than plugging in a controller and rocking old school breaks in a classic Hip Hop style – it’s just fun, something that many people seem to have forgotten about.

I really do love these videos. I tire of the DJs who mock and scorn new tech as if the only thing you can use for DJing is classic vinyl. When it comes down to it, the needs of Hip Hop DJs are simple – a play button, reasonable decks and a fader that can cut. When you think of where the likes of D-Styles and Shortkut have come from, they’ve honed their skills on tech considerably lower down the food chain than djay and Spin. And don’t make me break out the DJ Mark The 45 King video… oh no I did it anyway.

Algoriddim’s djay is available for MaciPad and iPhone. And the promo videos are just the best ever. 😉