Traktor Pro 2.6 hits the streets – what’s new?

Traktor Pro 2.6 upgrade
We all get rather giddy about new software. Some are rather more reserved and wait for us lemmings to install the latest and greatest to beta test the releases. But with this new v2.6 of Traktor Pro, there’s enough nextlevelness going on to induce trouser trauma in even the most reticent of updaters.
We’ve been over all the new stuff a couple of times before, so there’s no need to rake over old coals, but here’s the full list from Native about what v2.6 brings:
  • TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 integration
  • 11 new “MacroFX” single-knob combination effects
  • “Flux Mode” retains song position during HotCues, Beatjumps, Loops etc.
  • Post-Fader mode for FX Units
  • Factory Map Override option for individual Controllers in Controller Manager
  • New gain system with independent Channel Gain knobs and Auto-Gain knobs
  • New “Z ISO” EQ and “Z” filter models as featured on Z2 mixer
  • Z ISO EQ is now full kill at the left end of knobs path
  • New “QuickSnap” behavior for the EQ and Filter controls
  • New Transport Preference prevents Remix Decks from becoming Tempo Masters
  • New Transport Preference limits Tempo Master to On-Air Decks to become Tempo Masters
  • HID support for Pioneer CDJ 2000nexus (SLIP button is mapped to FLUX mode)
  • Minor gain-staging adjustments for Live Input Deck
  • Various other fixes and improvements

It does seem that the Z2 is driving some of these new features. Post fader FX are an absolute necessity on mixers, which would explain why they’ve made an appearance now. And having full EQ kill via the new Z ISO EQ mode is a given too.

I’ve had a tinker with the MacroFX. They’re really nice and add an instant yet simple lift to any audio. But given the small selection, I fear that for a while, we may be in for a period of same-fx-just-a-different-dj style performances from those who have yet to learn that less is more. Think Photoshop page curl overuse. And it would appear that the beta version had a list longer than 11, but for some reason they were whittled down to a more manageable size. For this we should be thankful, and we can only hope that more will come, or as I’ve been praying for, a way for us to make our own will come along.

The Future

So here we are with Traktor Pro 2.6, and Maschine 1.8. Both bring some serious upgrades that were worthy of a full point release. But I think that has been reserved for the time when Traktor and Maschine fully interoperate with each other. I don’t think it’ll be long, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some new hardware came with it too.

Anyway, Kontrol Z2s are on their way to us, and we’ll have full reviews including covering the new v2.6 features in due course.

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