Traktor Kontrol Stand F1 X1 (1)

When Native Instruments made the low profile Kontrol F1 and X1 controllers, they had to do something about raising them up to the level of old fashioned DJ gear, thus the case was designed to do that very task. But it’s not idea, and a more solid stand proved necessary, verily the Traktor Kontrol Stand was born.

There’s not much to say about it as it has the singular task of raising your controllers to turntable and mixer height, or probably more specifically to Z2 levels, hence the very brief release:

The TRAKTOR KONTROL STAND provides optimal placement of TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 or X1 for performance. Its aluminum profile features an extra-solid base and raises your TRAKTOR KONTROL unit to industry-standard height – ideal for the TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 mixer. Molded rubber locating pins perfectly align the X1 or F1 and prevent sliding during sets.

The cover’s unique construction keeps your hardware safe during transport, makingTRAKTOR KONTROL STAND as essential on the road as it is in the club.

Get a hold of TRAKTOR KONTROL STAND now and elevate your control. Available now at the NI Online Shop for $59 / 49 € and at your local retailer.

Traktor Kontrol Stand F1 X1 (2)

No NI – gluing Kontrol units to a Z2 does not make an S4 replacement…

Ouch. I get that this is really cool and isn’t exactly cheap to make. It is after all extruded aluminium (with an I), anodised, printed up and a plastic top case that’ll require expensive tooling too. There’s a lot going on with this, but it’s still a lot to shell out. That said, it does look great and looks like it’ll perform that task perfectly.

But are NI handcuffing us to their closed loop stands? Can we expect the same performance from 3rd party stands? Or will other controllers sit happily on and in this stand, or are NI enforcing users to only buy the Kontrol Stand for Kontrol units? Will you be standing up to NI’s tyranny and oppression? And yes, my tongue is soooo far in my cheek it hurts. 😉

Traktor kontrol stand closed Native Instruments

But it beggars the question — what do you use now for carrying and lifting your Kontrol F1 and X1s up to regulation height? Did you all go with the standard NI nylon case or have you different solutions? Let’s HACK THE STAND!


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