A press release just landed at DJWORX Towers with some interesting news. After Native Instruments’ iOS app Traktor DJ became a hit when it launched in 2013, features have arrived in dribs and drabs, but that’s about to change with version 1.4, out today. Along with the usual bug fixes and improvements, there’s a couple of major additions.

Firstly, the biggest change is the integration of DJ mix streaming service Mixcloud. From now on, you’ll be able to upload your recorded mixes directly to the site from the app itself.

Secondly, there are three new DJ effects to play with: Iceverb, Transpose Stretch and Reverse Grain. Those of you with Traktor Pro 2 will no doubt recognise them as some of the classic Traktor sounds. This brings Native instruments closer to offering the same experience on Mac/PC and iOS.

To celebrate the new feature, Native Instruments and Mixcloud have dug down the back of the sofas and had a whip around the office for a paid weekend trip to Ibiza for one lucky winner. All you have to do is record and upload a mix to using Traktor DJ and Mixcloud and get your mix picked by a legend (only bloody A Guy Called Gerald!). Good luck!

Here’s the full press release and attached image…

Native Instruments releases TRAKTOR DJ version 1.4 – now with Mixcloud integration

The acclaimed pro DJ app for iOS devices now features Mixcloud integration and new effects along with usability improvements

Berlin, April 30, 2014 – Native Instruments today released the latest version of the world’s most popular pro DJ app – TRAKTOR DJ 1.4 for iPad and iPhone. Along with new effects and usability improvements, this free update introduces seamless Mixcloud integration in TRAKTOR DJ and a new partnership with the sharing platform designed for DJs, radio presenters, and Podcasters. To celebrate this collaboration, Native Instruments is holding a special DJ mix competition to win a trip to Ibiza.

After winning the App Store’s 2013 editor’s “App of the Year”, TRAKTOR DJ 1.4 now offers in-app integration with Mixcloud. A valuable new feature, DJs can record their mix, then upload it to their Mixcloud profile directly from within the app. This allows the great benefit of sharing TRAKTOR DJ sets freely online in an instant without having to export and manually upload the file.

Three new unlockable effects have also been added to TRAKTOR DJ’s creative features. Iceverb, Transpose Stretch, and Reverse Grain can be accessed for free when a notification window prompts the user to unlock. Playlist and subfolder editing have been improved for better in-app track management in addition to a variety of smaller stability and usability improvements.

The new partnership with Mixcloud brings together TRAKTOR DJ for iPad and iPhone with the largest community of DJs on the web. In celebration, Native Instruments offers DJs the chance to share their sound for a paid weekend getaway in Ibiza. Until May 31, 2014, mixes recorded and uploaded to Mixcloud using TRAKTOR DJ will be automatically be entered in the contest. Acid house legend A Guy Called Gerald will guest-judge the mixes and select the lucky winner.

Pricing and availability

TRAKTOR DJ 1.4 is now available for download in the App Store for $9.99 / 8,99 € / £6.99 / ¥1,000 for iPad and $1.99 / 1,79 € / £ 1.49 / ¥200 for iPhone. Current users can update their version for free.

Further product information and press material

DJs can find out more about TRAKTOR DJ at:


Additional information on the Mixcloud DJ competition ist available at:


What does this mean?

The advantages and disadvantages of Mixcloud as a hosting service aside, integrating the ability to upload mixes not only further cements the validity of tablets as a DJ platform, but further reduces friction when creating content for the web, something modern “consumers” (what a horrible word for “customers”) crave and online services need to survive and grow.

Adding music service integration is very much a way to help smartphones and tablets to become their own DJ platform. I’ve said in the past that Mixvibes should work with Google to get Google Play Music (with offline playlists) fully integrated into the Android app to really push the platform. Recently, the Pacemaker iPad app added rudimentary Spotify integration to play streamed music from the service. Cross DJ on iPad now lets you upload directly to Soundcloud. To have one of the Big Boys™ take this aspect seriously is a very important step, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the iPad version of Traktor gain more parity with Traktor Pro 2 as a result.

Obviously a question surrounding this is ‘how do we cope with the reliance on connectivity for these services?’. If we’re on-trend with how things are going now, wireless networks are only going to become more commonplace. Anecdotally, a recent trip to Florida saw me visiting Epcot. Every part of the park was seamlessly networked with wifi hotspots and great internet… so much so that I was able to video call my friend during the evening fireworks so he could watch. This goes to prove that there’s no reason we won’t be seeing decent wireless networks in clubs as standard.

In-app purchases?

One small detail caught my eye when reading through the press release. Something seemingly innocuous that could have big implications for the future of the Traktor family. Though for many of you with a view of other digital industries, perhaps not a huge surprise. Here’s a quote pulled straight from the press release:

Three new unlockable effects have also been added to TRAKTOR DJ’s creative features. Iceverb, Transpose Stretch, and Reverse Grain can be accessed for free when a notification window prompts the user to unlock.

I’ve emphasised the parts that I noticed. The wording very clearly states that:

  1. The new effects need to be unlocked
  2. These particular ones are free

Most of you can probably take this a step further and suggest that future effects could have restricted access and thus cost money. The reality is that this is where the industry is headed. Serato has already set a precedent with Serato DJ and paying extra to unlock the iZotope effects packs, Pitch ‘n’ Time, and Serato Video. Many corners of the games industry are embracing micro-transactions enthusiastically as a way to drip feed income over time. Like it or hate it, it’s here to stay.

(Side note: Could all versions of Traktor use the same effects? Are we potentially looking at downloadable effects for full fat Traktor Pro as well? – Ed)

Over To You

How do you feel about Mixcloud integration? Do you think Native Instruments will add in-app-purchases to their software?


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