It’s been a dog’s age since we had a new laptop stand to play with. I suspect that this is probably because it’s something that has been done to death before by a number of companies with varying levels of practicality and sexiness. So it’s nice when a new one comes along that isn’t just another bloody stand with a different logo, but genuinely adds to the product group. And that’s what Reloop’s new Stand Hub delivers.

There’s obviously a press release, but the pictures pretty much explain it:



Muenster, 03rd November 2020

Unique design

The Reloop Stand Hub is the industry’s first innovative combination of multi-functional laptop stand and advanced USB hub with power delivery port. It is ideally suited for DJs and producers thanks to a stable power supply and networking of hardware peripherals.


Thanks to the push-lock mechanism, 6 possible setup variants offer a wide range of applications. Due to the space-saving and compact design, these are ideal for use in studio or live setups.

Universally compatible

Macbooks, iPads, notebooks and various other devices (11”-18”) can be easily connected via plug-and-play, thanks to very broad compatibility.

Connection of devices

The Stand Hub has 4 high-retention USB-A 3.0 ports, one USB-C port for connecting laptops and smart devices and one USB-C PD port for both, passive and active use.

Flexible application possibilities

The soft contact surfaces protect and provide a non-slip surface for your equipment.

The deep black powder coating in a scratch-resistant finish makes the Stand Hub very resistant even when used frequently.


  • Industry’s first innovative combination of multi-functional laptop stand & advanced USB C-Hub with power delivery support
  • The ultimate USB hub for DJs, producers & creative minds providing stable power routing and connectivity for all your devices
  • Flexible assembly with 6 different positions for a wide range of applications and places

Features Laptop Stand:

  • Multi-functional design for various setups:
  1. Classic C-shape: Classic laptop stand configuration
  2. Lower C-shape: Optimized for use with keyboard, modular controllers or tablets
  3. Z-shape: Stable setup for an optimal working height position
  4. Lower Z-shape: Flat design for tablets and controllers
  5. Higher-Z-shape: Elevated design of the classic Z-Shape for extended height
  6. Transport position: Flat transport size
  • Space-saving, collapsible and lightweight construction
  • Swift and tool-free assembly thanks to an easy push-lock mechanism
  • Soft foam pads to protect your devices and non-slip rubber base for stability
  • Suitable for all common laptop sizes (11″-18″), tablets, controllers and more
  • Deep black and scratch-resistant powder coating
  • Incl. protective bag for safe transportation of Stand Hub and connection cables

Features USB hub:

  • Designed for DJ and studio setups to optimize your workspace
  • MacBook Pro and laptops with USB-C power connection can be powered directly from the Stand Hub via the USB-C PD port (3.2 Gen 1, SuperSpeed PD5)
  • Extend your connectivity: 4x USB-A 3.0 ports for fast data transfer with SuperSpeed support
  • Can be used in Active or Passive USB hub mode (a USB power supply is recommended for a stable connection; available as accessory)
  • Plug and play connection without any driver installation
  • Built-In Short circuit-, overcurrent-, overvoltage- and overheating-protection
  • Scope Of Delivery: 2x USB-A to USB-C, 1x USB-C to C, transportation bag with zipper, user manual


It seems like every product release usually has an “I wish they put a hub in the back” comment, which I suspect is the driver for the creation of the Reloop Stand Hub. It’s the kind of obvious product that nobody thinks about but totally understands when it arrives, along with a heap of smack my head manufacturer moments who didn’t come up with it themselves. It’s not like it’s a new idea, but Reloop has been smart enough to make it happen for DJs and musicians, rather than just workers at desks.

I could sit here coming up with reams of verbiage or dismiss it with a glib “just buy a hub” comment. But I love this idea. The simplicity of bringing together two different but essential products into one optimised unit is very smart. It’s also good to see a company embracing USB C too.

It’s not the cheapest stand on the market — $169.99/£119.00/€129.99, but it is more than just a stand. It’s a stand and a hub. I might have considered calling it the Reloop Stub. Catchier.



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