In the last story, we showed you the new Reloop RP-8000 MK2 ubertable, powered by Serato DJ Pro. And sat right in middle but with ne’er a mention is a pad laden mixer. The Reloop ELITƎ ELITE is that mixer, and it’s the glue that binds a pair of RP-8000 MK2s to make a coherent and complete Serato DJ Pro ecosystem.



Muenster, 08th January 2019


  • High Performance DVS Mixer for Serato DJ Pro, developed in close collaboration with renowned international turntable artists
  • 16 large, velocity sensitive RGB performance pads: Control up to 12 performance modes per deck

– DUAL 24-bit interface & 3x non-contact Innofader Pro with high-resolution technology

DJ Angelo (International Turntablist)

“These faders feel great…and the resolution can be adjusted to 0.1mm which is crazy accurate!”

DJ JFB (3 x UK DMC Champion)

“They’ve made a proper battle mixer and all the faders, pads and buttons feel absolutely great!”

DJ Flip (World Scratch Champion)

“The ELITE has everything that I need: I love it!”

Reloop ELITE is a professional DVS mixer for Serato DJ Pro, developed in close cooperation with international turntable artists. Due to the combination of a performance-oriented layout and powerful features, ELITE allows you to fully realise your DJ potential. The full version of Serato DJ Pro, including the DVS Expansion Pack, is provided plug ‘n’ play. Additionally, ELITE comes with two Serato control records with NoiseMap™ technology.

16 Extra Large, Touch-Sensitive RGB Performance Pads:

Via the 16 extra-large RGB pads it is possible to control up to 12 performance modes per deck in Serato DJ Pro, including two user modes. You can set individual adjustments by using the parameter buttons and with 4 mode selctor buttons over 3 layers and independent control of pad modes on each deck, the creative possibilities are endless. In combination with the RP-8000 MK2 it is possible for the first time to control the pad modes on various devices individually and simultaneously.

3x Latest Generation Innofader Pro

ELITE comes fitted with three brand-new Mini Innofader Pro faders, with innovative non-contact technology for smooth action and precise cuts. All fader curves can be individually adjusted and

offer an additional reverse function (hamster switch). Additionally,, the cut-in/-out points can be adjusted digitally via the setup menu.

Two Independent Effect Units with Hold/Toggle Trigger:

ELITE’S FX section comprises of three assignable effect slots with separate activation buttons on each side. Effects can be activated in either trigger mode, by holding the button, or traditional toggle on/off.With the new high-resolution mini-faders you can influence the effects’ intensity. At the same time these can be used for ultra fast effect fades as the fader movement range is especially short.

Tweak FX – Colour-Coded Stand-Alone Effects with Bi-Polar Control:

In addition to the Serato effects, ELITE is equipped with stand-alone Tweak FX. Using the colour- coded mode button with RGB feedback, you can switch between Filter, Crush, Flanger, White Noise and a user-defined mode. Depending on the controller’s position, each effect has a different characteristic and can be modulated creatively. The handy knobs have a pleasant resistance and are especially suitable for filter and effect tweaks.

2 High-Contrast OLED Displays & Dedicated Loop Sections:

The two OLED displays show real-time information regarding effects, BPM, beat parameters and setup menu. Each deck has a separate loop section which can be controlled intuitively, thanks to the push encoder which also disposes of a manual loop function. Via the LED bar the selected loop length is directly visible.

DUAL 10 In/Out USB 2.0 Audio Interface & Ergonomic Browse Section for 2 DJs:

ELITE comes equipped with a powerful DUAL 10 In/Out USB 2.0 Audio Interface, which offers outstanding sound characteristics in 24-bit resolution. Two computers can be connected at the

same time via both USB ports. This way a seamless transition from one DJ to another during performance becomes as easy as possible. In the battle mixer’s center you find the ergonomically designed browse section, that allows efficient one-handed control and which can be switched independently from the source selection (USB A or B) via the Focus computer control.

3-Band Isolator EQ and Comfortable Pre-Mix System:

The 3-band isolator EQ is equipped with a full-kill function that fully eliminates individual frequency bands. The comfortable pre-fader listening system is fitted with a cue fader, two headphones outputs (3.5 & 6.3 mm jacks) and has separate adjustments for volume and mix. The mic/line input with 2-band EQ, independent echo effect and talkover function allows the connection of a microphone or a further line source, such as a drum machine or a smartphone.

Smart Link USB Ports – Active USB Hub and Automatic RP-8000 MK2 Deck Recognition:

External devices, such as MIDI controllers, storage media or smartphones can be connected and loaded via the two smart link USB ports. When connecting RP-8000 MK2 turntables, these will automatically recognize the corresponding deck (1 or 2). All of ELITE’s control elements are MIDI compatible and can be used to control any compatible software.

Sturdy Metal Construction with Resistant Finish in Deep Black Metallic:

Thanks to the sturdy construction of robust metal and high-quality control elements, such as the screwed metal potentiometers, ELITE is built and ready for rough daily life. The two high-retention USB ports guarantee a safe connection and offer protection against unwanted signal loss. The surface is processed with a hard-wearing finish, which is especially resistant against scratches and is finished in a timeless deep metallic black.

In cooperation with BPM Supreme:

With any purchased ELITE the DJ record pool adds a 90 days Premium Membership with a value of 60 $ for their huge audio & video library – containing latest releases directly received from the record labels.


  • Professional DVS Performance Mixer for Serato DJ Pro
  • Developed in close collaboration with renowned international turntable artists
  • Control up to 12 performance modes per deck
  • 3x mini Innofader Pro (latest generation) on-board, featuring twice the resolution and innovative non-contact technology, allowing for ultra precise cuts and smooth operation
  • 2 high-contrast OLED displays showing real-time information of effects, BPM, beat divisions and setup menu
  • Colour-coded Tweak FX: Stand-alone effects with bipolar control
  • Toggle between Filter, Crush, Flanger, White Noise and user mode via the mode button with RGB indication
  • DUAL 10 In/Out USB 2.0 audio interface with superb sound quality in 24-bit
  • Two independent effect units for controlling Serato DJ Pro FX
  • 3 assignable effect slots: Each with dedicated activation buttons
  • Dedicated and flexible effect controls for each channel
  • Mini-fader for FX Level/Depth control
  • 2 FX activation modes: Either hold or toggle on/off
  • Combines a performance-oriented layout with powerful features
  • 16 Large, velocity sensitive RGB performance pads
  • 4 mode buttons, three layers with 12 performance modes (Hot Cue, Loop Roll, Slicer, Sampler, Pitch Play, Saved Loop, Slicer Loop, Saved Flips, Platter Play, Transport, 2 user modes) and dual layer parameter buttons per side
  • Performance pad modes can be controlled independently on each deck
  • Enhanced performance with RP-8000 MK2 turntables: For the first time, pad modes can be controlled individually on each device simultaneously
  • Customisable fader curves and reverse function (hamster switch)
  • Digital adjustment of cut in/out points in the setup menu
  • Dedicated loop section with push encoder, loop length LED bar & manual loop control
  • Ergonomically designed browse section for efficient one-handed use
  • Convenient cue fader system with dedicated controls for volume and mix
  • Easily switch between 2 computers using the Focus PC controls
  • Extensive USB routing capabilities: Sampler and AUX channel can be individually routed through the Serato FX units (send/return)
  • 3-band isolator EQ with full kill characteristic
  • Smart Link USB ports: Auto RP-8000 MK2 deck recognition
  • Can also be used as an active USB hub for external devices
  • Mic/line input with 2-band EQ, independent echo effect and on/off talkover switch
  • 2 headphone outputs via 6.3/3.5 mm stereo jack
  • Booth ouput in stereo or mono
  • MIDI-compatible control elements
  • High retention USB ports
  • Rock-solid construction in a durable metal design
  • High-quality and hard-wearing deep black, metallic finish
  • Kesington Lock to secure the device
  • Incl. full version of Serato DJ Pro with DVS support and 2x Serato Control Vinyls with NoiseMap™ technology and 90 days BPM Supreme Premium membership with a value of 60 $

Technical data

  • Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Inputs: 2x phono RCA, 2x line RCA, AUX RCA, mic/line TRS, 2x Smart – Link USB ports (type A), 2x USB ports (type B)
  • Outputs: Master XLR (balanced), master RCA (unbalanced), booth TRS (balanced), rec RCA (unbalanced), headphones 6.3/3.5 mm jack
  • EQ range at 70 Hz, 1 kHz, 13 kHz: -∞ dB (total kill)/+9 dB
  • EQ range Mic at 100 Hz, 10 kHz: -12 dB/+12 dB
  • Dimensions: 290 (w) x 414 (d) x 107.5 (h) mm (potentiometers: 18.5 mm)
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Accessories included: Full version of Serato DJ Pro with DVS Expansion Pack, 2x Serato Control Vinyls with NoiseMap™ technology, USB cable, power cord, operating instructions and 90 days BPM Supreme Premium membership

MSRP: 1.249,99 € | US$ 1.299,99 | £1100.00

Available: March 2019

Reloop Elite Serato DJ Pro DVS scratch mixer (1)


I can hear the comments already — looks just like a (insert Seventy Two/S9). Yes it does, because a block of 16 RGB buttons will dominate any black box. And yes, EQs are in line with the faders, and there are three faders in the same position as….

Look — more or less every turntable is laid out like a Technics. And every iteration of pad positions has been tried, and the natural location is either down the side or across the middle. It’s not copying anymore — it’s just a naturally evolved location.

If I were to say anything, I would say that it looks like a Pioneer DJ mixer, to the point where I would urge Reloop to think about devising a fresh product ID.  Essentially, this looks like a rehash of the S9, with less emphasis on the internal effects. At first glance (spent enough time glaring at PR in the last 24 hours), the feature set is very Pioneer DJ, but at second glance, the Elite might actually be more capable than the S9. I’d say that lack of dedicated filter is the only obvious omission. It definitely feels like Reloop and Serato are gunning for the S9 with the Elite, especially with the price point.

Good to see the new mini Innofader Pros in this. I know that Elliot and Patrick are very proud of this new fader, so here’s hoping that everyone who buys the Elite feels the same. I’m sure we’ll have more about the coming soon.

Reloop Elite Serato DJ Pro DVS scratch mixer (5)

That’s one sex on a stick setup right there.

Other than that, and integration a pair of RP-8000 MK2s, I’m not seeing anything new. Instead, the Elite brings a fully featured 2 channel Serato DJ Pro experience that stops short of the Rane Seventy Two’s features. But not everyone wants all that frippery, and for £1100, the Elite offers pretty much as fully featured 2  channel experience as you can get, for £360 less than the S9, and £479 less than the Rane.


The Reloop Elite will cost €1249/$1299/£1100 and is available in March.



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