The Numark Scratch — the affordable Serato DJ Pro mixer

I don’t believe I’m out of line when stating that Serato DJ Pro mixers have spiralled into a zone of silly money with arguably diminishing returns. And when presented with the new Numark Scratch mixer, it’s clear that I’m not out of line at all, but entirely justified in my feelings. For this lovely bit of kit ticks most of the boxes that DVS DJs need, but does it for a fraction of the price of a DJM-S9 and Rane Seventy Two. And I know this because I’ve been playing with one for a full week, and have a complete and exclusive review ready to go.

But it’s important for you to peruse the PR supplied by Numark. They’ve spent time and money creating it, so it’s only polite that you watch and read it:


With Serato DJ Pro, Serato DVS, high-quality innoFADER, 6 dedicated FX selectors with dual toggle triggers, 8 performance pads, Filter knobs and dedicated loop controls, Scratch totally dominates its category.

Cumberland RI, USA (June 13, 2019)—Numark (, the world’s leading innovator of DJ solutions, today announced the introduction of their new Scratch mixer, an incredible unit with pro features and comprehensive software that absolutely dominates the scratch mixer category and establishes a new standard for mixers at this affordable price point. There is simply nothing that combines the features, versatility, ease-of- use, quality and performance of this unit, anywhere.

The Numark Scratch offers a versatile array of features with powerful simplicity unheard of in this category of affordable mixer: Six direct access software FX buttons deliver quick access to a comprehensive array of effects with both timing and intensity controls. These effects are triggered by a pair of intuitive performance base toggle paddles, usually only found in mixers at premium price points.

4 performance pads deliver hot cue triggering, rolls for creative build-ups and quick beat stabs, and sampler control so DJs can spice up their mix — all unheard of at this price point. Separate direct access software looping controls are found on each channel, allowing DJs to unleash their creativity. Plus there is a Low/High- pass filter that is not software-dependent, so it works as conveniently and effectively with analog turntables as it does with software-based FX and controls—amazing versatility!

The professional quality of the Numark Scratch is unrivaled, with an impressive 108dB S/N ratio, true balanced high level XLR outputs, separate Zone/Booth control, and an included professional standard innoFADER crossfader. This is a high-quality crossfader built especially for scratch DJs. With butter-smooth action and bullet-proof reliability, it’s perfect for the heaviest-handed scratch DJ and the hottest non-stop action.

Scratch includes the full version of Serato DJ Pro and the complete DVS Expansion Pack included, a $99 value. The DVS Expansion Pack enables the DJ to connect turntables or CD/media players, giving them the ability to control Serato DJ Pro using Noisemap™ Control tone vinyl or CDs. With the included Serato DJ Pro license you can also connect any dedicated controller, like the Numark NDX500 and have a full setup at your fingertips.

Scratch includes:

  • Serato DJ Pro with DVS License Included
  • Ready to connect to Serato NoiseMap™ Control Vinyl or CDs (available separately)
  • InnoFader scratch crossfader with reverse and slope control
  • 6 direct access effect selectors with dual paddle launch triggers and Dry/Wet FXControl
  • 8 performance pads to access hot cues, rolls and samples
  • Filter knobs to create audio sweeps
  • Dedicated instant looping knobs
  • Phono/Line inputs
  • Combo mic input (XLR/1⁄4-inch) w/ level and tone control
  • 108dB S/N output with 24-bit digital sound quality
  • Balanced high output XLR connection
  • Separate booth/zone output
  • Dual headphone output cueing system (1/4-inch/18-inch)
  • Prime Loop Sound Pack included ($200 value)
  • SoundSwitch lighting control software 2-month subscription included

“Numark is where scratch mixing originally got its start. This latest mixer from Numark will absolutely change expectations on what a basic scratch mixer should include, that’s how significant this is,” said Chris Roman, Senior Product Manager for Numark. “By incorporating modern day features, this mixer gives every DJ in the world—regardless of their budget—the opportunity to perform at a higher level with more creativity than they ever dreamed possible. Scratch combines pure DJing fun and no-compromise professional performance in a way that’s never been done before at this affordable price point.”

Scratch is available now for $499 U.S. retail.


I asked Numark and they’ve confirmed $499/€499/£419.


I could waffle on here, but why not go and check out the full exclusive review.

Knowing that I’m a hardened and harsh critic these days, it was interesting to me that Numark offered me the exclusive review rather than send it to those that might offer more media friendly coverage. Our review will be the first port of call for anyone looking for information about it, thus speaks volumes about Numark’s confidence in the product. They had no real idea how I would react, but the review was sent in for fact checking, and no comment was received back. I appear to have captured the essence of what the Numark Scratch aims to achieve.

For those who simply cannot be bothered to click the above link and wade through the usual exhaustive detail and splendid imagery, here’s the nutshell version:

“Numark made a Serato DJ Pro* DVS mixer with the essentials and a mini Innofader for almost one quarter of the price of the DJM-S9 or Seventy Two. And with a bit of user tinkering and mapping, it should work with all other DVS software too. I know because I tinkered a bit.

*Vinyl not included. Boo.

Now go read the review. I wrote it just for you.