As I’ve outlined before, we don’t want to do the same old stuff that everyone else is doing. We’ve been there and done that , so now it’s time for something new. The trade show experience is painful – running from stand to stand, thrusting a camera into someone’s face and then having to fight with inter-stand sound wars. The lack of control is painful, so it’s time to take control.

So we’ve got a room just off the show floor. Equipped with cameras, speakers, tables, chairs, and importantly chocolate. We’ll be shooting a lot of video – interviews, product demos and performance are the order of the day, but importantly with the necessary degree of control and increase in quality that you just can’t get from shouting into a pocket cam. It’s also for meetings, of which there will be plenty.

I have no idea how this will all turn out. The test footage we’ve shot is very good, and if my daughter Hatty has anything to do with it, the schedule will be adhered to rigidly. You get your slot and then you’re out. And I’ll do my best to get all of this out as soon as I can. But as I’ve stated before, it’s not about being first anymore, but about bringing the very best  content we can. And if that means being a few days longer then so be it. Good things come to those who wait.