The Denon DJ SC2900 - finally real (Video)

The Denon DJ SC2900 – finally real (Video)

Denon haven’t exactly been quiet of late. There has been a slew of gear covering controller and vinyl emulating media player of all manners. But one style that has been missing has been the fairly industry standard CDJ metaphor player. Until now that is. Despite their best intentions, it’s been hard to keep a lid on this next unit – the Denon DJ SC2900 digital controller and media player. Denon have tried to get this out earlier, but the inclement weather (well typhoons) in the far east combined with a desire to absolutely nail the features (cancelled a big launch at Musikmesse) has seen the 2900 delayed a little. But now it’s ready to almost fully peel back the covers on.

This video gives glimpses of major features and gives enough away to be of a talking point for you gear hungry masses. So let’s go through what we can see. Essentially this looks like a 3900 without the big platter, but is a direct assault on the CDJ’s dominance. I’ll skim past the obvious features and look at the interesting stuff:

• Player link via RJ45 cable.

• Adjust platter resistance/torque adjust like CDJ.

• Static platter with resistance adjust.

• Red cue point indicators on the jog wheel outer ring – neat touch.

• Slip mode.

• Fully Denon Engine software driven, including iPad integration.

• Native support for Traktor (kind of leaked previously in the Traktor release).

More info will be forthcoming very soon, but for now this should stimulate enough talking points before the full infofest in the coming days and weeks. And I’ll expand on this story when my head stops spinning from Jubilee wine toasts.


The Denon DJ SC2900 - finally real (Video)

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