The BPM Show 2012 cometh... 5

The greatest DJ show on the planet is just over 1 week away. And just like previous years, there’s going to be a lot so see, hear and do at the BPM Show as well. So what’s going on at the show?

Freestyle DJ Competition

The BPM Show 2012 cometh... 6

We’ve already covered off the Gemini Freestyle DJ Competition. There’s still a chance to enter and get through you can still turn up on the Saturday and prove your worth in the live Audition and make it through as a wild card. Check the competition page for full details.

Vestax Dance Classics Party

The BPM Show 2012 cometh... 7

Having spent many years wandering around the BPM floor, the average age of visitors seems to be somewhere above teenage. So Vestax are chucking a retro 90’s party in the spiffy Chauvet arena. Starting at 5pm on Sunday 7th, DJ Woody will be showcasing his considerable video skills with his “Big Phat 90’s Show”. You can catch it here, but Woody will be mixing it up a little more on the day.

For a full list of who’s playing, check the arena page.

Saturday Headliners

The BPM Show 2012 cometh... 8

Readers here will be more interested in technology than the DJs themselves, but for some that goes hand in hand. Case in point is Shiftee – as one of Native Instruments’ poster boys, he’s better placed than most to talk and showcase knowledgeably about their extensive repertoire of shiny… well gleaming black shiny anyway. He’ll be doing an hour-long showcase on whatever gear he happens to have with him at the time, swiftly followed by Delimentary, who as Denon DJ’s 4 deck champion of their SC2900 player will be showcasing his multi-tasking skills and obviously very long arms.

Listen and Learn

The BPM Show 2012 cometh... 9

The BPM Show isn’t just about being deafened while walking between stand soundclashes. Indeed, there’s a whole world of cool stuff going on in the  specific Education Area. When I say area, I do of course mean inflatable domes housing 4 days of talks, seminars and panel events covering more subjects than I could imagine.

Check the full list of what’s going on. You’re bound to learn something new.

After Show Fun

The BPM Show 2012 cometh... 10

There’s always something going on after the doors close at BPM. Usually it’s some VIP thing that people feel obliged to go to when they’d much rather be in bed. But this one is more for the scratch and Hip Hop heads out there.

Tickets are available here, and it all kicks off 7-2am on Saturday 6th October at the Qube, Birmingham.

What else?

I’m sure you all want to know specifically about the new shiny that’s being presented at the show. Well… I obviously have some inside knowledge, but it’s really not in my interests to divulge anything. News will be forthcoming, at which point we’ll have it ready for you fresh out the inbox. We may have some news of out own as well… 😉


This is the great thing about the BPM Show – unlike NAMM and Musikmese, it’s for everyone and not just the trade. So click here for tickets. You can get a discounted rate of £10, or £15 on the door, and it’s valid for all 3 days of the show.

More news when I have it.


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