The dwindling attendance of the DJ industry at BPM, NAMM, and Musikmesse would have you believe that trade shows are most definitely not at the top of the list when marketing budgets are drawn up. Indeed, given the obscene prices that some of them charge, it’s not a surprise that when the BPM Show was relaunched as a much more grass-roots affair, the feedback from myself and the industry was extreme positive.

But Birmingham is “the north”, and of course not ideal for everyone to attend. Thus a new DJ show has been created, one that is geographically easier for “the south” to attend. Draw a 60 mile long straight line in a westerly direction from London City centre, and you have Newbury in Berkshire, and this is the location for The DJ Show 2019. taking place 29-30 June (yes it’s that close) at Newbury Racecourse.

It’s been described to me as somewhere between the old huge and lavish BPM Show and the new stand build free picnic table style one. This means there will be manufacturer in attendance where you can paw the latest shiny, as well as the opportunity to buy it (ideally with some discount) from retail partner And looking at the exhibitor list, all the usual suspects will be there too, so it’s highly likely that the thing you been wanting to play with will be there to be played with, and then be bought.

And like BPM, there are assorted zones across the three floors of the event. Depending on your particular interest, you should be able to find something that may well tick a knowledge box for you.

Wrapping up each day is the afterparty. On Saturday and Sunday, you can watch a steady stream of well-known DJs keep you entertained for a few hours before you have to head off for your train of long journey back up north or back to the real world on Monday morning.

the DJ show 2019 UK Newbury


Obviously having read all of the above and followed the links, you now want to know how much it’ll cost when you’ve got to justify giving up a weekend to your friends and family. Each day is just £8 or £14 for two days plus booking fees. Order your tickets from Eventbrite right here.


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