TEASER VIDEO: djay 2 for iPad and iPhone

[youtube id=”q_vstCBVtoA”]

As the iPad has gained wider acceptance in the DJ scene, thus new and improved apps have popped up along the way that challenge Algoriddim’s djay for the DJ app crown. Unless you’ve been in space, you can’t have missed Traktor DJ, as well as iMect’s DJ Player shovelling all manner of touch-based nextlevelness into the assorted iDevices. But what has become of djay? Check the above teaser — it’s become djay 2 for iPad and iPhone.

In the name of transparency, I have to declare that I made the above video for algoriddim, and will be making the upcoming promo video too. So given that my knowledge of the app is deeper than almost anyone outside of algoriddim, I feel I must abdicate from the doubtless speculation that will ensure in the comments. God knows I want to spill each and every bean that I have on my iOS devices, but I can’t and won’t.

algoriddim djay 2 teaser DJ iOS iPad iPhone

So no frame by frame forensic photoshopping from me this time around — instead you’ll just have to pull it apart for yourselves and speculate about what djay 2 might hold. What I can will tell you is that I love it, and I think you will too.

So off you go then — what do you thing is coming? In fact, what would you like to see? Or what might tempt you to the iPad as a platform for DJing?