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BPM 2014: Allen & Heath Xone:23C and Xone K1 Demo [VIDEO]

It's unusual to see a mixer and controller quite so suited to each other, but the Allen & Heath Xone:23C and Xone:K1are inextricably linked via the X-Link cable. Working in harmony, watch as Jamie Griffiths gives both units a solid bashing, ably assisted by Audio Technica's Alex Jann....
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Allen & Heath xone:K1 — the xone:23c buddy

There has been a tendency to cram as much into DJ gear as possible. Mixers got more buttons, and controllers got more... well everything. But Allen & Heath has bucked that trend a little recently — their new xone:23C is relatively simple, but has the X-Link to hook up with the new xone:K1 controller, which is the K2 without the audio interface. so two simplified units are complimenting each other....
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REVIEW: Allen & Heath xone:23 Mixer

Allen & Heath knows how to make mixers. Normally associated with being in the booth, they've also serviced the entry level market for a long time too. The new xone:23 distills a lot of the established high expertise into a much smaller 2 channel unit. Mark Settle takes a look and establishes that two channels doesn't always mean scratch mixer. ...