Pioneer DJ XDJ-1000 multi player review (1)

REVIEW: Pioneer XDJ-1000 multi player

After years of asking, and an equally lengthy period of Pioneer DJ doing the "lalala-we're-not-listening" thing, they've finally unveiled the rekordbox-centric CD-less XDJ-1000 multi player. Andrew Unsworth returns to the DJWORX fold, dusts off his Pioneer reviewing trousers, and takes the XDJ-1000 for a turn around the reviews room. ...
what jockey disk jockey DJ

Without discs, are we still disk jockeys?

I cannot help but think that Pioneer's new XDJ name is a possible play on words. Some feel that without disks or discs, we aren't disk jockeys at all. In this context XDJ could mean ex DJ couldn't it? Are you a DJ if you don't use a circular medium? Of course you are, and read on to find out why. DJ is more than an acronym. ...
Pioneer DJ XDJ-1000 USB player no CD (8)

A CDJ with no CD? That’s the Pioneer XDJ-1000

Change is good, but this change is likely to be one that some will struggle with. The Pioneer XDJ-1000 is the CD-less incarnation of the CDJ line. Being an entirely digital workflow, CDs are out the window and have been replaced with Rekordbox. It's not like you didn't know it was coming, but are you ready to let go of CDs just yet?...