So... will you #changeyourrider to Denon DJ Prime? 4

So… will you #changeyourrider to Denon DJ Prime?

Tens of thousands of words and pictures later, that was our take on the Denon DJ Prime range. We've wanted to throw things, but overwhelmingly welcome their addition to the DJ scene. But what does it all mean for you, me, and every DJ out there? Read my rambling opinion to bring closure to this epic week. ...
Denon DJ L12 Prime turntable review DJWORX (16)

REVIEW: Denon DJ VL12 Prime turntable

Despite the Technics 1200 being the only turntable you'll ever need (according to some anyway), this hasn't stopped Denon DJ from having a bash at their own version of a DJ turntable. The VL12 Prime pleases purists, but also pushes the bar enough to generate a bad case of GAS. Mark puntastically takes some for a spin. ...
Welcome to Denon DJ Prime Week! 6

Welcome to Denon DJ Prime Week!

After months of promising, we've finally pulled out collective fingers out and brought together the definitive set of reviews for Denon DJ's bid for a slice of Pioneer DJ's booth dominance. The reviews of the SC5000 Prime, X1800 Prime, and VL12 Prime will be released over the coming days....