Reloop KUT scratch battle mixer innofader (1)

Reloop’s retro styled KUT scratch mixer

Many of us mourn the loss of Vestax and their unique way of doing things. So does Reloop it seems, and their new 2 channel scratchcentric KUT mixer absolutely harks back to the era where black and gold was cool on a DJ product, but blended what is good from today's scene. ...
Bihari self-adhesive Scratch record

Bihari’s ahhh and fresh themed DIY picture disc

DIY and modding are key tenets of the portabism scene. Normally it's hardware tweaks, but established player Bihari Designs has made the snappily named "The Ahhh Fresh "Print It Yourself" Picture Disc" — a clear 45 full of the scratch sound standards, with a self adhesive back, ready for you own printouts....