Akai professional mpc 2.2 software

MPC v2.2 software turns any controller into an MPC

The MPC, for so many reasons, is legendary. But for the longest time they were a self contained ecosystem, one that saw others invade the inner sanctum. But now Akai Professional has flung the gates wide open, and has made the latest MPC 2.2 software completely mappable to all controllers....
DJ Mixer Pro DJ Software

DJ Mixer Professional gets v3.6.9 macOS High Sierra update

Here's to the plucky underdogs who keep doing what they do, largely under the radar and unknown by far too many. One such DJ software product is DJ Mixer professional, that despite having all the requisite features, languishes in relative obscurity. V3.6.9 is out and delivers macOS high Sierra compatibility. ...
Denon DJ Engine Prime software review (2)

REVIEW (well almost): Engine Prime software

For us, the success of the #changeyourrider hashtag depended on the ability to convert another library into something playable on the SC5000 Prime. Denon DJ released Engine Prime into the wild, but should have spent considerably more time on it. What follows is a glimpse of our feelings while we wait for the next beta. ...