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Throwback Thursday: Let’s talk “REVOLUTIONARY”

When marketeers are tasked with writing PR for the hottest spangly new stuff, they all lean heavily on hyperbole, making everything game-changing and revolutionary. But how do those claims stack up when looking at what has come before? Ray wants to have a word with you all about that....
ecler rising

Ecler Official Statement — it’s not over

We broke news last week about Ecler's long rumoured demise via a Spanish business news outlet. But it would appear that declaring bankruptcy is a long way from the end of the road, and we have exclusive word from Ecler explaining the full picture. ...
ecler bankrupt

INDUSTRY: Ecler declares bankruptcy

UPDATE: Word has just reached me from a trusted source that this isn't the very end of Ecler. We will have exclusive information when it's available, but clearly there are moves to save the brand from extinction. The rumour mill has churned ceaselessly in recent times about companies changing hands or going under. But one confirmed casualty is Spanish mixer manufacturer Ecler. After a number of years of dwindling sales, they've declared bankruptcy in the Spanish courts. RIP Ecler. ...