So... will you #changeyourrider to Denon DJ Prime? 2

So… will you #changeyourrider to Denon DJ Prime?

Tens of thousands of words and pictures later, that was our take on the Denon DJ Prime range. We've wanted to throw things, but overwhelmingly welcome their addition to the DJ scene. But what does it all mean for you, me, and every DJ out there? Read my rambling opinion to bring closure to this epic week. ...
DenonDJ X1800 Prime mixer Review DJWORX (5)

REVIEW: Denon DJ X1800 Prime mixer

If you're wanting to mount an attack on the hearts, minds, and wallets of club DJs, you need a compelling product to break the hold of Pioneer DJ. And the beating heart of Denon DJ's Prime system is the X1800 Prime mixer. We played in and out of the Worxlab to see if it's a worthy competitor to the established models. ...