STREAMING SERVICES: Do you? Don’t you? Will you? Tell us

I find myself with a tiny bit of space between projects and figured it was time for a cheeky editorial. But what to write about that will ruffle a few feathers? How vinyl is superior? Why the sync button is OK? The five somethings that something? Hell no — all been done to death. 

Oooh, I know — streaming services. That’s some low hanging fruit ripe for picking and wrapping up with some of my acerbic verbiage. Not the likes of Twitch you understand — I’m talking Spotify, Beatport, Tidal etc.

So off I set imparting my old school pre-internet media-loving sensibilities contrasted with all that is glorious about having literally all the music in the world in my pocket while sitting on the loo. Yes — I span both extremes. I usually do. 

But then I realised something rather important. Streaming services, while relatively old school from a consumer perspective is still quite new for DJs. And we haven’t published anywhere near enough words to gauge the opinion of our brilliant community. 


I honestly have no idea of what the prevailing feeling about streaming is with you lot. So rather than brainwash guide you with my own opinions, I’ll ask a few questions and gather some much-needed community knowledge and start a conversation.

But first, a simplistic data-driven poll that I’d be very grateful if you’d all fill in. This will give us a very quick baseline for where the DJWORX community is where streaming is concerned:

[poll id=”5″]

And for those that wish to express a more detailed opinion:

  • So you subscribe to any streaming services? 
  • Is it for listening? For DJing? Or both?
  • If you use streaming to DJ, how do you use it? To complement music you own? Requests only? Or is it your whole workflow?
  • Has it ever let you down? 
  • If you don’t stream, why not? Reliability? Prefer to have the files? You only play vinyl? To support artists directly? Is it practicality or principle? 
  • If you don’t stream now, do you see a point when you might? Did you say no to CD, DVS, and controllers too?

Answer however you like – each bullet in turn or as a stream (geddit?) of consciousness. But please do feedback where you are with streaming.


I love writing these kinds of articles and reading the comments. It’s important to get inside the heads of the people who buy and use all this glorious technology, and equally understand the thinking of those who don’t. 

It’s the only way the industry will make the gear we want to buy, and not just use sales figures as a baseline. After all, you can only buy what’s available. And we have a platform to tell them what we want.

So tell us what you think. Get involved. Make a difference. 

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