We’ve slowly seem the ashes of the mighty Vestax reemerge as STPVestax and then stpVx. And with each post came some new images — some teasers and then some renders. But now small photos have been posted of the new mixer dubbed “Phoenix”. How apt.

There’s some words too:

High-End Professional Mixer – “Phoenix” – Pre-Production Model (Prior to Cosmetic Features) 

With the final testing completed, we are now in production phase. The appearance of the final model is as we have announced. Latest images on our site are without the final “cosmetics”. We have thought carefully about the DJ’s needs – both for the amateur and professional – in the production of this model.

There are very few mixers that have been released in the market recently that are designed from-the-ground-up. Most others are conventional models with successive tweaks and color variations. The stpVx team felt that DJ’s needed a product that can enhance their sound creation, giving them an edge and bringing out their performance-originality.

The highest level specifications have been applied in the design of the Phoenix, which will be evident to the user from the punching sound and dynamic range this mixer will deliver. In addition, the Phoenix will be the world’s first 4-channel cross fader.

I have deviated from the usual way of thinking in the industry with its cost-cutting and resulting performance-degradation, and have built a product that aims to deliver for the DJ both high-quality sound and professional operation without compromising on product-performance.  Even the power-supply exceeds the usual professional specifications.

We have carefully considered the requests and input from many professionals regarding the diversity of sound sources, and have integrated their thinking int our design specifications. The final sales price is being calculated, and we expect it to be within the usual range of high-quality professional equipment. Pre-orders will be accepted from mid-April, with product sales commencing in May 2016.


We loved Vestax because they did their own thing. Sometimes it worked and other times it sunk like a lead balloon. But as a company, they were unique in being willing to take a risk. Obviously that strategy didn’t work out too well in the end, but it’s clear that the DNA is still there, and alive in innovations like “the world’s first 4-channel cross fader”. That’ll be interesting to see in practice.

An updated image shows a rotary version of the Phoenix mixer.

Looking at the images, it’s clear that the Phoenix aims to please as many users as possible. It’s certainly a one-off in the image department, and even having seen the renders, these photos still took me by surprise. And it’s not even finished yet.

I’m going to stick my neck out and say that the chances of us getting one to review are slim, but I would love to get one of these in front of my camera. That’s a portfolio piece right there.

Obviously we’ll keep you updated with price info when it’s posted.



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