Stanton Mix! v1.2

About a year ago, we took a look at Stanton’s MIX! software, and concluded that it was a good if a tad basic mixtape creation product aimed at education rather than trying to be Protools on a budget. Now it seems that the basic bar has been raised a few notches, and some somewhat key features have been added to v1.2 to offer greater control over mixes.

The official words from The Gibson/Stanton mothership:

Stanton Expands Capabilities of Scratch DJ Academy MIX! DJ Software With New Updates

Version 1.2 for Stanton’s popular Scratch DJ Academy MIX! software is now available. Developed along with Scratch DJ Academy, the world leader in DJ education, this latest version of MIX!, offers more than 10 new features. MIX! was designed for music fans who want to mix tracks from their personal digital music library, as well as for professional DJs who need a song analysis tool to refine their game.  Version 1.2 brings powerful new capabilities for beginner and pros alike.

This version of the MIX! software enhances the elements important to all DJ’s, by adding preset fade in and fade outs, enhanced BPM and key match detection, and automation.

MIX! Automation

MIX! V1.2 adds advanced automation of DJ mixer controls. With the update, DJ’s can now build mixes and draw custom automation curves for track volume, overall tempo and three EQ bands.  Each curve is color coded so that DJ’s can visualize and edit their mixes quickly and easily.

Cross Fade Curves

MIX! now contains seven predefined fade in and fade out curves for different styles of mixing. The cross fade curves can be seen as red lines on the waveforms in the arrangement view, making it easy to see and edit the cross fades.  Fades can be linked so that the “fade in” curve is the reverse of the “fade out” curve on selection, allowing a faster workflow.

Independent Mix Settings

Mix settings in the playlist can also be edited independently of the settings in the library. For example, different occurrences of a song in the playlist can have different start offsets, or a song in your playlist can use a “double time” tempo to better beat match to other songs in your playlist, without changing its analysis in the library.

Customizable Workspace and Improved Visual Display

MIX! also now offers a vertical resize bar between its mix controls and the arrangement, which allows users to expand the waveform view or list views giving a larger working area for playlist creation, or mixing. Stanton and Scratch DJ Academy have also made updates on how track information in the MIX! software is viewed. The time-counter section of the transport screen has been enhanced to display the playback time down to the millisecond. Also, the current playback tempo is now displayed to the hundredth of a beat per minute as well as a display of the current musical measure, beat and thousandth of a beat.

Prioritize Analyzation

With the new version of Scratch DJ Academy MIX!, users can now prioritize which files get analyzed. In the library view, simply right‐click on a song waiting to be imported and select “Prioritize Analysis” to move it to the top of the analysis queue.

Scratch DJ Academy MIX! is compatible with both Microsoft® Windows® and Apple Mac OS X® platforms. Version 1.2 is available as a trial download from the Stanton website (

Scratch DJ Academy MIX! uses the following zplane technologies: élastique, aufTAKT, and tONaRT.For more information on Scratch DJ Academy, please check out 

For additional information on Scratch DJ Academy MIX! or other Stanton products, visit the company online at

Stanton Mix! The Remix. 1

Stanton Mix! The Remix. 2

Stanton Mix! The Remix. 3

It’s still not Protools you understand, but the simple addition of volume, fade and EQ curves suddenly make this considerably more attractive. It’s still basic i.e. no effects, but there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t put together a good mix in this package.

I suspect that adding in filters will be high on the development menu for the next version, as that seems to be a standard feature on even the most basic of mixers these days, and would make it considerably more attractive to EDM DJs.

While the update isn’t vast, I may revisit this for a review, because being as old school as I am, I have a soft spot for something that essentially replicates the oneshot hand made nature of proper mixtapes. Hell I may even make a short one as a test.


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