Spread the DJWORX word — click and share! 3

We don’t ask for much from you… actually we don’t really ask for anything — we here at DJWORX simply keep putting out killer DJ gear content supplemented with free giveaways too. But if there was one thing that I personally could ask of you, it would be that you all get click-happy on the social media share buttons.

We get a lot of traffic and unique visitors around here, but social sharing is where it’s at right now. Now I could go off and buy all the likes, friends and shares known to man for not much money, but that goes completely against everything I stand for. So I’m asking you socially hooked-up visitors to help give something back and help to build the DJWORX audience.

Making it really easy for you… no excuses.

Here’s what I’ve done — I’ve reduced the number of social icons to the most popular, and usefully moved them to the top of the post. That way, you don’t have to look for them, and it’s considerably less invasive than before. And here’s what I need from you:

Facebook: Click that share button. Shares preferable to likes, hence the switch.
Twitter: Just hit the Tweet button and it’s all set up to go.
StumbleUpon: If you have an account, share the post under the DJ’s/mixing interest, and add DJ into the tags.
Reddit: I’d love for those on Reddit to submit relevant posts that you feel comfortable with to the /DJs subreddit.
Google+: Click that +1 button and spread the word.

If you’ve ever sat in front of your screen pondering how you could give something back to skratchworx and DJWORX for all the free premium content and prizes we’ve give to you over the last 10 years — this is it. It’s not much to ask, but really will make a massive world of difference to us.

And remember, this is something I need for you to keep on doing, not just for the next few posts or when there’s a competition. I know that many of you lurk and only comment when there’s booty on offer. Do your bit right here and now. When you visit a story, click those social buttons, because the more popular we are, the more prizes we get to give away, and your chances of winning free stuff increases exponentially.

We thank you for your continued support.


Commenting Etiquette

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Life is way too short to waste time policing comments. So break the rules and you’re out. It’s just the internet, and  the DJWORX community is way more important than catering to the fragile egos of ranting trolls. I trust I have been crystal clear.