SPOTTED: 7″ Technics SL-700 turntable in the wild

Everything you need to know about the Technics SL-700

Yes – A Technics SL-700 was released

Technics SL-700 turntable Biz Markie Crotona park jams tools of war (5)
Image courtesy of Ignacio Soltero.

The Technics SL-700 – History

There’s a bit of a back story to this that started around 2005. I was sent the above image from a reputable source purporting to be a 7″ Technics deck. It doesn’t take much CSI forensics to see that it’s a mock up, but apparently came via a Technics rep. A month or so later, I happened to find myself upon the Technics stand at Musikmesse, and figured it was the idea time to get some verification from the horse’s mouth as it were.

I found a guy who looked high up the corporate food chain, whipped out my laptop and asked him if this image was real. The look on his face was as if I’d pulled out the secret area 51 files, resulting in a very serious “where did you get this?”, which at the time made me think that there might be something in it. Seems there might have been after all.

Technics SL-700 turntable Biz Markie Crotona park jams tools of war (9)
Has the SL-700 been on the cards since 2005?

Biz Markie’s Technics SL-700

The Tools or War Crotona Park Jams are a wall to wall Hip Hop legend-fest of epic proportions. And being something of a record collector, Biz Markie is a regular at these events. But in 2013 it wasn’t so much his ridiculous collection of rarities that caught people’s eyes, but the turntables he played them on. No, it’s not Photoshop — those really are 7″ Technics decks.

Technics SL-700 turntable Biz Markie Crotona park jams tools of war (1)
Image courtesy of Jorge Fabel Pabon.

And this was Biz Markie confirming that he has them

SPOTTED: 7" Technics SL-700 turntable in the wild

I bizmarkie has the only 2 pair of sl-700 in the world period …..

— BIZ MARKIE (@BizMarkie) July 26, 2013

Biz Markie using the Technics SL-700

The SL-700 Prototype

Technics sl-700 7" turntable stokyo.
A better shot of a Technics prototype. Biz Markie’s models feature straight arms for great stability, a mod done at his request. Courtesy of Charles @ Stokyo.

The Technics SL-700 Today

We still want these decks! There is a bit of a 45 revival, and as a limited edition run these would surely sell well. The entire Northern Soul scene is powered by 45’s for example, and that’s a scene that has maintained it’s popularity throughout the last 50 years.

Fantastic 7 inch mix from Connoisseur Soul. This set would definitely suit 7 inch only Technics

I’m hopeful that this is a developing product. I don’t know if Panasonic would be officially involved, or if it would be a very strictly limited  and expensive boutique edition. One thing is for sure — DJs and hipsters alike would be all over these if they ever did see the light of day.

Incredible 7″ turntable mix – Definitely not a 700 though…

How was the SL-700 built?

It has a custom made platter and plinth but everything else looks like it is taken from a 1200. Possibly the material from the bottom rubber was reused, but as you can’t see it properly, it might not even be rubber. Biz Markie’s pair have straight tonearms, but photos of the stand alone units have curved tonearms.  Biz has a modded version.

Is the Technics SL-700 for sale?

  • Commercially no, it isn’t and has never been for sale.
  • Could you offer Biz Markie’s (RIP 2021) estate ridiculous amounts of money for his pair? – (Everyone has a price.)
  • Could you build you own hacked version – Yes. (If you attempt that, hats off and let us know!)
  • And finally Biz said he owned one of two pairs. – So the tantalising thought is that you could attempt to track down the other pair.

The Technics SL-700 timeline (Sort of)

1972 – The original SL-1200 turntable released. It’s fair to say that Technics weren’t prepared for what happened next with those decks.

1981 – The Technics SL-7 released in 1981, and still around $300 second hand these days. (It’s not just Technics 1210’s that hold their value well obviously.)

SPOTTED: 7" Technics SL-700 turntable in the wild

1986 – The Technics SU-700 released. (Anyone want the updated MK2 version from 2020? – Just £2,295 for this integrated amp)

2013 – Biz Markie announced that he owned a pair of Techincs SL-700 7 inch turntables – and the internet goes wild.

2018 – The SL-C700 released – A high end CD player – Which is discontinued but was priced at £849

2019 – Then there was the even more expensive SL-G700 CD playerWhich hasn’t even got a jog wheel! How can we mix on those?

2021 – The Kenelephant miniature Technics released. (Yes we know these can only play your 1″ records)

2024 – The mystery continues over the legendary Technics 7 inch turntable

How to play 7″ on a Technics 1200/1210

The good news is that it’s easy to actually play a 7″ on a Technics 1200 or 1210. In fact they come with the adapter required as standard. If you’ve bought your deck 2nd hand though it could be missing, as they are testing play things that tend to disappear over the years. It’s this, which lives in the top left of the deck. If yours is missing, grab a Technics 7″ adapter.

SPOTTED: 7" Technics SL-700 turntable in the wild

SL-700 – Your thoughts

It’s really nice to see them turn from Photoshop to reality. But what do you think?

Do you like them?

And importantly, what’s the maximum you’d pay for them if they ever did make it to production?

Would you invest in a pro for a smaller DVS setup?

Let us know in the comments below.