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SITE UPDATE: Kicking it old school with RSS feeds

With NAMM a distant memory, and nobody giving a crap about releasing anything at Musikmesse, we find ourselves in a quiet news cycle right now. That doesn’t mean that we’ve got out feet up though — far from it in fact. But it does give us some time to address a few nagging issues, one of those being reaching our community more effectively.

I’ll keep this brief, as I don’t want to get into a rant about social media. Needless to say I don’t much care for it, to the point where I removed sharing buttons from the DJWORX site years ago. And with each passing algorithm change, less social media followers of our work get to see when we’ve done something new. It’s clear that social media is undoubtedly useful for engaging with people, but the reach is reducing. And the user experience inside their echo chambers is getting more annoying too. So it’s a matter of working out the best way to get our work under the noses of those who want to see it.

Obviously, we’re on all the major platforms — Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — entirely out of necessity, and definitely not about getting numbers though. And I even succumbed to last week’s hype and joined Vero, although the chances of me posting on there are slim.

But the answer has been in front of me all the time, and it’s RSS feeds.

My quest to spend less time refreshing the pages of all the usual haunts made me look back at firing up my RSS reader again. And while not every website has a feed, a great many of my usual haunts do, meaning that they can tell me when they have something new, and I can go take a look in my own time. And importantly, I don’t have to wade through all that utter crap to find what I need.

And that’s exactly what we have on DJWORX. The news feed has been there since the site rebuild, but as usual I just assumed everyone would see it rather than telling people about it. You can find it here or click on the orange RSS icon at the top of the news section on the homepage.

SITE UPDATE: Kicking it old school with RSS feeds

But there’s also a new feed for those who want to track discussions in our amazingly engaged community. Each time a comment is made, it appears in this feed.

To recap, we’re happy to have you follow us on social media. But the numbers mean nothing to us. We’d rather you came directly to DJWORX, read the stories, and engaged with us and others in our own house. And these are the feeds for you to subscribe to:

DJWORX News feed

DJWORX Disqus comments feed

UPDATE: To be absolutely clear — you will need some way of subscribing to and reading RSS feeds. My better half clicked the feed buttons at work, and got a perfectly formed page of RSS code on her screen, hence me adding this update.


What RSS reader do you use? I’ve stuck with Reeder for Mac for a long time now. But it would be good for those that don’t currently use feeds who fancy a dabble to get some ideas from experienced users.

SITE UPDATE: Kicking it old school with RSS feeds

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